Arielle Kouffman, 25, international development consultant, and Daniel Chavez, 25, architecture lighting designer. (Photograph courtesy of daters)

We sent Daniel and Arielle to the Grill From Ipanema in Adams Morgan to see if their shared interest in globetrotting, reading and, possibly, bees, would add up to a match.

Daniel: She just kind of showed up out of nowhere. We were both a little bit nervous.

Arielle: I had a lot of layers on since it was snowing, so it took me a lot of time to take all my layers off and sit down, which was an awkward pause.

Daniel: The first thing we did was sit down and order drinks, which was a good idea.

Arielle: He was really casual when I met him, which made me feel more at ease. He’s a lighting architect. I was like, just to clarify, this might sound silly, but do you recommend where to put lights? And he was like, yes, that’s what I do.

Daniel: I get this reaction a lot because I have a very specific focus and a focused little firm: Lighting for any kind of building, inside, outside, energy efficient, it’s what we do.

Arielle: He used to do behind-the-scenes settings for plays, and he didn’t want to be an actor, so the next best thing was working on the sets and doing the lighting. I thought that was kind of quirky.

Daniel: She lived for two years in Chile. Two years, that’s a big part of someone’s life. I think it shows something about someone. I just came back from a year in Europe this past summer, so we could both talk about what it’s like to live abroad.

Arielle: I left college to go to Chile. He seemed impressed, and he thought it was brave.

Daniel: She told me this great story about how she got into beekeeping as a result of this hippie street fair she went to when she was in Chile. There’s something really interesting about someone who orders a box of live bees off the Internet.

Arielle: You can get them two ways: One is through bee eggs, and they come in a frame. And the other is to order, literally, live bees, and it’s three pounds of bees, so I was telling him about that.

Daniel: Kind of just spending time together and telling stories and having a nice dinner and a conversation, that was kind of the mood.

Arielle: It just seemed more comfortable; it was like talking to a friend.

Daniel: We had dinner for a solid three hours, and then that was it.

Arielle: He was walking home, and I was taking a cab, so he waited with me inside until the Uber came. And when it was right there, we hugged and parted ways. He didn’t ask me for my number.

Daniel: She didn’t offer it to me. So we just kind of left it at that.

Rate the date

Arielle: 3.5, because he was really polite and made me really comfortable, and I think he’s generally a really great person.

Daniel: A solid 3.5. It was a really great night, but from the way it went and the feeling at the end, I don’t think it will go any further.


Daniel says he’s excited about his new relationship. ... Only it’s not with Arielle. He met someone else just before the Date Lab date. “Funny how that works out,” he says. Arielle isn’t surprised there wasn’t a second date since the two never exchanged numbers but says she’s happy she did it, despite some hesitations.

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