Interviews by Nina Patel

(Sherri and Ken/Courtesy of daters)

A medical emergency on Metro almost delayed Sherri’s arrival, so when she reached the Oceanaire near Metro Center, she was a bit off her game. Did that derail their date?

Ken: I got there a few minutes early. They said she had called, and she was running late. She ended up showing up right on time.

Sherri: Someone on my Metro car had a seizure. They stopped the train, and the police came and the ambulance came. I got out and had to find a cab. It was a bit jarring — it threw me off.

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Ken: She was very well put together. She had a really nice smile on her face.

Sherri: I was a little bit flustered. I didn’t really register what he looked like until we were sitting and talking. He was much cuter when he laughed.

Ken: We started talking right away. She was smart, witty and had a pretty good sense of humor.

Sherri: At first it was a little bit awkward. When it came out that he speaks Spanish and spent some time in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica, the conversation picked up. I had minored in Spanish. I had spent time in Costa Rica pretty recently working with Nicaraguan migrants.

Ken: She had taken a service trip with people from her class. She just graduated from law school. She is taking the bar next week.

Sherri: He taught in China, as well. I’m incredibly jealous of all the experiences he’s had.

Ken: She used to intern for DOJ prosecuting for employment discrimination. She was talking about discrimination against immigrants. She is very aware and passionate about what undocumented immigrants deal with. That was one of many things I found attractive and interesting about her.

Sherri: We’re both very interested in travel and believe in the importance of acquiring memories and experiences over things. We’re ideologically pretty similar.

Ken: We were both having a good time, so we said let’s go do something else.

Sherri: It was his idea. He asked what my favorite monument was. I said the D.C. World War I memorial. I thought it was pretty cute. I was happy to keep hanging out. It was a little more at ease sitting at the monument.

Ken: I made some jokes — some patronizing and sarcastic comments — maybe too many.

Sherri: He teased me at one point for not having a will. When we were walking to the monument, I told him I’m a huge jaywalker. He said, “This is why you need a will.” He has a will. Most people in my age bracket probably don’t.

Ken: It was not as flirtatious as other dates I’ve been on. Neither one of us were trying to rush to kiss or make out or anything. We were just trying to get to know each other better.

Sherri: There was some teasing. It was lighthearted. We lost track of time talking. Next thing you know it’s 11:30, and we’re hurrying back.

Ken: We checked for when the last train passed by Smithsonian station. We exchanged information right when we were going down to the Metro station.

Sherri: He sat on my side of Metro until his train was two minutes away. We hugged, and he ran over to his side just in time to catch his train.


Ken: 4.5. I think toward the end of the night both of us felt it was a good match.

Sherri: I’d give it a solid 4.5. Once we got going it didn’t feel like a blind date anymore. He’s a quality guy. I would definitely go out with him again.


Sherri took the bar (she thinks she passed!), and she and Ken went to the movies, hiking and dinner. This looks promising. ...