(Courtesy of the daters)
Happiest when ...

Lindsey: When I have created something. I love sketching, drawing and writing. After I complete a piece, I feel relaxed and excited. I also feel great right after working out.

Sam: On the b-ball court! Or drinking with a few close pals.

Brag a little ...

Lindsey: I’m giving, caring and open to the world. I throw all of myself into the things that I love — my friendships, work, family. I’m funny and love being around someone equally weird. I’m curious and love to try new things.

Sam: Family is important to me. I’m extremely romantic and consider myself good-looking. I love trying new things and am down to do just about anything.

Your idea of funny ...

Lindsey: Dry humor, but also “bro” humor. I love Will Ferrell and shows like “Workaholics,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “The Office” and “Arrested Development.” I also love people that give me a hard time/make fun of me. He should be able to dish it out, but also be able to take it.

In Chinatown after dinner (Courtesy of the daters)

Sam: Someone reallllly goofy, who likes dirty jokes and making fun of themselves, doing embarrassing things.

Interests to share ...

Lindsey: Loves and lives for music, especially folk and alternative. Interested in staying healthy/working out. Liberal (pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, a believer in global warming A MUST). Not very religious. Interested in travel. I’m not a big sports-watcher, but I love to play.

Sam: Being in touch with spirituality. Importance of family. General interest in exercise, healthy eating.

6:30 p.m., Zaytinya, Chinatown

Sam: I tend to arrive punctually. So I was there a few minutes early.

Lindsey: I drank a beer before I left because I was kind of nervous. I tried to get there early but that never works out for me, so I got there right around 6:30. He was smiling when I walked over. I feel like I don’t really have a definite type, but he was definitely good-looking and attractive. He just seemed really relaxed and cool.

Sam: My first thought was that she was really cute. She has dark hair, which I like, and she’s shorter than me, which is good. There was definitely physical chemistry. She had a really nice smile and really nice eyes. I wasn’t sure if I should go with the handshake or hug, but she hugged me so I hugged her back.

Lindsey: We went kind of crazy — we were like, “Oh my gosh, we have $125, we’re ballers!” We got this Turkish tea with rum and other liquors in it. We tried two [appetizers], one with eggplant, another that was a creamy dip. The restaurant was all small plates so we got, like, six different things and tried everything. He’s really open to trying stuff; I’m like that, too.

Sam: I think we were both excited to be there. We were pretty chatty at first; it was light. She was really easy to talk to. Our conversation flowed really well, and she made good eye contact.

Lindsey: We talked about pretty much everything — where we’re from, what we’re doing, where we’ve traveled. In January, I’d just gotten back from a trip to South America. He’d been in Israel. We were talking about our experiences and how enriching they were.

Sam: I gave a little bit of my background, and she gave me hers. I liked that she’s from [the Washington] area. While I’m still sort of new to the area, I really like it here and could see myself here long-term. She’s close with her family and mentioned she lives near her grandmother. I’m pretty close with my grandparents, too. I think that’s another value we share. I asked her about her parents and she said in the future she strives to have the kind of marriage her parents do, which sounds to be a very loving one. I think the health of my future marriage is something I take very seriously, and I think it’s good that she has a good example.

Lindsey: I’m not a very religious person, but my mom’s Jewish. I consider myself spiritual, but I don’t have any set religious beliefs or go to any place to worship. He’s Jewish and actually goes to synagogue. [That’s] not a problem for me at all. Sometimes religion can be a tough topic to talk about. But it wasn’t weird.

Sam: I’m not a super religious person, but the cultural aspects of Judaism play a big part in my life. Yes, religion is a factor in who I want to spend the rest of my life with, but it’s not a deal-breaker or a red flag, especially for a second date. I guess at this point you have to identify why you’re dating: Are you dating just for fun, to see who you like, or are you dating for marriage? I think it’s safe to say we’re probably both in the category of dating for marriage, if it had to be categorized. I’m interested in a long-term, meaningful relationship.

Lindsey: I definitely feel like there could be romantic chemistry. It can be hard, though — the first time you meet someone, your adrenaline is rushing, but he’s definitely someone I’d be interested in, want to hang out with again. For me, that’s someone that can joke with me. I feel like that’s chemistry for me, and that’s how I flirt — joking with someone, giving them a hard time.

Sam: She’s very artistic and has different interests than girls I usually meet. She’s working on a project for this art show. Which I thought was really cool. I’m into some artistic endeavors myself but nothing nearly as serious. It was cool that she doesn’t just dabble in it, she puts a lot of effort and passion into it.

Lindsey: I’m doing a project for [Artomatic]. It’s something I’ve been working on for the last few years — gathering moments from people’s lives and then trying to illustrate them and bring those drawings to life in videos. It’s been a long journeyed process.

Sam: I think a lot of the girls that I’ve seen recently I’ve found to be not as mature as I would like. I know there’s always a little bit of game-playing in dating and that can sometimes be what makes it fun, but some girls just take it to a whole other level. I didn’t get that vibe from [Lindsey] at all. I thought she was very straight-up and honest, and I definitely get the feeling that she’s very comfortable in her own skin. She knows who she is and is confident about that. I definitely liked that a lot. I think she’d be an easy person to be myself around.

Lindsey: I got a glass of wine, and he got some type of cocktail. I think [we paid] around 8:45 or 9-ish. He suggested [walking around the neighborhood]. It was a really nice night, so it was definitely a good idea. Around 9:30 he walked me to the [Chinatown] Metro.

Sam: I said I had a really good time and that I wanted to see her again. I asked for her number straight-up. She asked for mine, too. I just gave her a really warm hug. I definitely wanted to kiss her — she’s a really pretty girl; it would’ve been great — but I was unsure how she would have reacted. So I just went for the cheek-kiss. She caught her train, and I walked to Metro Center to catch mine. She texted me about an hour or so later. And going along with what I said about her being confident and not like a lot of other girls that I dated: She texted me first, which I thought was cool. I definitely like that.

Lindsey: I think [the date] would be a 4.25 [out of 5]. It was definitely one of the more fun dates I’ve been on recently. For me, the most important thing is someone who’s genuine, down-to-earth, is fun and funny. He had all that, and I also thought he was cute. I’d like to go on another date to see what happens, I think there might be potential there.

Sam: I would give it a 4. I’m gone this week [for work, but] I will try to see her this weekend. I think if we got to know each other a little better, I definitely see seeds for more romantic or flirtatious-type situations.


Work took Sam out of town between the date and when we went to press, but he says: “We exchanged a few flirty texts. ... I’ll probably give her a call soon because it’s more personal than more texting.”


Harumph! Determined, it seems, to defy our optimistic headline, Sam tells us, “I haven’t called her and she hasn’t called me ... The connection there wasn’t strong enough to follow up with.” Would he say yes if she asked about getting together? Yes, he says. And later added: “I think I will call her again.”

After we spoke with Sam Friday afternoon, we couldn’t get Lindsey on the phone — she was busy getting ready for Artomatic. But she told us by text: “We haven’t talked much since the date but today I asked him to hang again, so we’ll see what happens.” Indeed.


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