Jocelyn and Edward (Photo courtesy of daters)
Interviews by Arielle Retting

Jocelyn Steiner, 39 , is a lawyer with a taste for international food and travel. Ed Hardy, 39, is a chef with an extensive cookbook collection and a love of the outdoors. We sent them to Central Michel Richard in the District to see if we cooked something up.

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Jocelyn: I was sitting there waiting, and I was really nervous. I wasn’t expecting that.

Ed: I was concentrated on not falling while walking to the table.

Jocelyn: My first reaction, and I think I even said this out loud to him, I was like, ‘Oh, you’re not scary at all!’ ... I definitely thought he was cute.

Ed: I don’t really have a type, but if I did, she’d be one of my types. She’s outgoing and not boring at all — and she has a nice smile and laughs at my jokes.

Jocelyn: He sat down and we just kind of launched into conversation.

Ed: I’m a chef, so that made for good conversation.

Jocelyn: Once he revealed that, I was like, ‘Oh, man, you’re in charge, you order everything — can we share food so we can sample more?’ I tried things I wouldn’t have otherwise tried.

Ed: The conversation was light and easy.

Jocelyn: It felt very organic and natural. A few times I actually forgot I was on a Date Lab date.

Ed: There was no way that this was going to fail.

Jocelyn: He absolutely was a gentleman, through and through — a really thoughtful kind of guy who opens the door. He brought me flowers!

Ed: I’m traditional. ... It’s nice to do gentlemanly things and get noticed for it.

Jocelyn: Our table was kind of wide and he made a joke about it. He said, ‘This table is too big for intimacy.’ But we touched hands.

Ed: I think we kept it PG. We were too busy having fun to flirt.

Jocelyn: At the bar he did the whole yawn and ‘Oh, what’s that?’ and then he, like, put his arm around me and I leaned into him. I was going along with the joke. There was definitely chemistry.

Ed: We hit it off when I told her I like karaoke.

Jocelyn: People who know me know that I crazy love karaoke. ... It was too late [to go that night], but we talked about our go-to karaoke songs.

Ed: I was physically and mentally tired because I get up at 5 a.m. There were yawns, and you could see it in my eyes.

Jocelyn: I felt terrible because I knew he felt terrible yawning. But he was such a gamer.

Ed: Luckily she could tell the difference between me being tired and me being tired of her.

Jocelyn: We were the last ones there.

Ed: I walked her to her car. There was an incline on the parking ramp, and she almost tripped a couple of times, so she grabbed onto my arm. Not only did I feel traditional, I felt useful!

Jocelyn: We hugged good night and I gave him my number. Flowers and hugs — that’s pretty good.

Ed: A good ending to a good evening.

Jocelyn: He already Facebook friended me. I confirmed.

Ed: She wants me to call her.

Rate the date

Ed: A 4 [out of 5]. Normally I go for girls that are a bit shorter and shyer, but after meeting her I’m not sure if that’s going to be my thing anymore.

Jocelyn: A 5. It was great, it was easy, it was as good of a date as you could possibly expect considering the circumstances — exceeding my expectations for everything.


Ed messaged Jocelyn, and they have plans to — you guessed it — go to karaoke.

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