Due to a mix-up, Ehren and Corinne didn’t get the cameras we usually provide, so these photos aren’t from the night of their date. (Courtesy of the daters)

About the daters...

Your idea of funny ...

Ehren: Someone who speaks with candor but is not loose-lipped and offensive. Witty banter goes a long way with me, especially when it’s actually witty and not just cute. I don’t, repeat don’t, find celebrity gossip to be hilarious.

Corinne: Bill Murray and Will Smith are very funny to me. I am not a huge fan of Adam Sandler-type humor. I prefer less vulgar and obvious humor, like Jack Nicholson’s randomness.

Happiest when ...

Ehren: Spending quality time with friends, the quality time when people are laughing to the point of gasping or crying and there’s no pressure or time crunch for people to be somewhere or get something done.

Corinne: When I am vacationing to the West Coast with my loved ones, enjoying the beautiful climate and landscape.

Dream date ...

Ehren: My pie-in-the-sky girl would be creative, maybe an artist or musician. She’d be spontaneous and energetic ... not afraid to grab a bag, get on a plane to anywhere and have a great time. Of course, she’d be provocatively funny as well as educated and armed with common sense.

Corinne: A successful music producer who could get me a record deal, as I am a classically trained singer who sings at weddings/events.

Interests to share ...

Ehren: Hobbies: any outdoor activities, traveling in general, music. Outlooks: optimism, strong family values. Passions: some things we share and some we don’t is fine by me.

Corinne: Traveling to the West Coast and staying in nice places, dining out and hosting dinner parties. I love movie nights, occasional dancing/karaoke nights and discussing/debating global events. On a religious note, I tend to romantically get along best with men who are raised Christian/Jewish.

About the date ...

7:30 p.m., Carlyle, Shirlington

Ehren: I was on travel all last week, so I was trying to shed the jet lag over the weekend [and] get [things] wrapped up before I leave again. [This] was kind of the first time I’ve done [a blind date]. I was a little nervous.

Corinne: My girlfriend dropped me off. I got there right on time. I was the first one there. They sent me upstairs.

Ehren: She got there just a few minutes before I had. It was kind of awkward, really, because the waitress was standing there trying to tell her about the specials when the hostess brought me to the table. There were, like, four people trying to talk. [But] it was a good first impression. The hair, the build, she seemed to be my type. She was friendly and not overly quiet or shy or anything.

Corinne: He looked nice. He was nice-looking, had nice body language, seemed very normal; he was dressed nicely. I hate to use the word “nice,” but that’s really how I would describe it. But it takes more time for me to determine whether or not someone is my type, because a big part of it is personality.

Ehren: We talked about the usual stuff: Where are you from? What do you do? The conversation seemed to flow pretty naturally. She sings, like a part-time job for hire, and I don’t think I’ve ever gone out with somebody who sings; that was kind of a surprise.

Corinne: I started studying voice when I was 14. Now I sing at weddings and events. I really enjoy what I do professionally, but I’m glad I get to keep music in my life; I actually find it relaxing and fun.

Ehren: It seemed like we were easy-going about things, like [a] “not live to work, work to live” kind of outlook. [But] I travel quite a bit, and she doesn’t travel too much. I’ve basically been a stereotypical jetsetter for the past year. It’s hard to date when you meet someone, then go out of town for two weeks. There was a girl earlier this year, she was great, but I don’t think she understood what work travel meant. Like overseas, five hours ahead, and working long days. I think she was expecting that I’d be calling her, like, every day while I’m gone. I kept leaving town, so it was challenging. A lot of people just don’t deal with that kind of travel. I think we left around 10 o’clock.

Corinne: He offered to drive me home, which was really nice, and he actually had on ’80s music [in the car], which I love. He asked me for my number [and] mentioned getting together for drinks sometime. I’d give [the date] a 4 out of 5. He was very nice company; we had nice conversation.

Ehren: I would say it was probably like a 4. It was entertaining, we seemed to get along, and there was enough of an interest to get together again. I was pleasantly surprised.


Four days later: 7 p.m., The Cheesecake Factory, Fairfax

Ehren: I sent her a text message after we went out [and] asked her if she wanted to meet up again. She wanted to meet at the Cheesecake Factory. Not at all [my scene.]

Corinne: I thought it had a nice ambiance. We talked about work, and we joked about pop culture and stuff like that.

Ehren: She just seemed like she was in a rush. She was still fun to talk to, [but] she kept telling me the same things [as on the first date].

Corinne: I still think it’s too early to tell [if he’s my type]. Spending just an hour with someone, I think he seems like a very nice person, we had a nice time together, but for me to make such a big statement now — I take my time.

Ehren: She was like, “Well, I don’t want to keep you, you have to drive home, so I’m going to go shopping.” I don’t know if she was just super nervous after realizing she was interviewed for an article, [but] she seemed like she changed a little bit. There’s no future dating there or anything, but she’s legitimately fun to hang out with.

Corinne: If he’s out of the country, I don’t see how I could see him. It’s probably unlikely [we’ll get together again].

UPDATE: Well, they were pretty clear about it after the second date, don’t you think?

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