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Kristin and Megan are both lively and outgoing. But one of them is already in a relationship. Is that a dealbreaker? We sent them to BLT Steak on I Street to see where things might go.

Kristin: All day I was very excited; not nervous, just excited.

Megan: I didn’t feel too nervous. I reread [my] application, and I was like, “Who are they going to set me up with?” I kind of feel a little quirky.

Kristin: It was a very good first impression. I just had a good feeling. She’s very attractive. She has a beautiful face, but she also has a shaved head essentially, like a short buzz cut, which is different and interesting and I find sexy.

Megan: I felt kind of giddy. She was really cute. She looked excited, too. She was really smiley.

Kristin: We dove right in. We’re both not shy, but I also have no filter. I was excited to find out if we actually had anything in common.

Megan: I think there was a lot we had in common. We were both kind of not very D.C.-ish, not directly involved in politics and a certain kind of franticness that I associate with D.C. I think some things around lifestyle, and having adventures and not being conventional and wanting to try different things out, I felt like those kinds of outlooks we shared.

Kristin: We both have traveled a lot and appreciate the importance of travel, and she likes to bike to work. We’re also interested in alternative relationships. We’ve both dated men and women. We’re open to open relationships. That kind of stuff is relatively rare.

Megan: She’s in a relationship and is interested in dating people, being in a relationship and having other kinds of relationships, which is something that I appreciate and admire.

Kristin: I mean, what are the chances that that information is not problematic for a person you’re on a date with? Most of the things that I say surprise most people in the world, and she was not that taken aback.

Megan: She was really engaging and really easy to talk to. As she spoke, there was more I wanted to ask and more I wanted to know about.

Kristin: She has a good full-time professional career, and she also works at a farmers market selling meat. My favorite line from the whole date is, I said it must be cool to work there, and she said, “Yeah, and it’s nice because no one is about to die, no one’s at risk of dying.” It took me a second to get it. She’s an ER nurse, and I got the impression she likes her job, but it gave this good insight into what it’s like to be in health care every day.

Megan: I really liked how she interacted with everybody else around us, at the restaurant and at the bar we went to afterwards. She had a nice, engaged way of talking to other people. Everything was really funny. I felt like we were having a good time, amusing ourselves and chatting with people.

Kristin: There’s a “Seinfeld” episode where they talk about what I really want is to date myself. It’s insulting to her to say that we’re exactly the same, because she’s cooler than me, but there was so much that came out of her mouth where I was like, “Exactly!” It was four hours. If you can talk to a stranger for four hours, you’re clearly enjoying the company, and I only left because I was like, “The Metro’s closing.”

Megan: I unlocked my bike and walked her to Metro. She was kind of running, and I was like, “Wait!” Then I got her phone number.

Kristin: We hugged. All night I felt like I would be willing and interested to go in for a kiss at the end of the night, but at that point it was too rushed.

Rate the date

Kristin: 4 [out of 5]. I like Megan a lot. I only spent four hours with her, and I know there’s more to learn, but I am rarely blown away by people or really excited about them, and she just got better every time she opened her mouth. She is a fascinating, fun and impressive human being.

Megan: 5. I feel like it was a great date; it was totally fun. I’m not sure what’s next, but I feel really good about it.

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UPDATE: The two of them decided to add a third for their next date at a neighborhood bar. “She invited my boyfriend so she can meet him,” Kristin says. “It was really fun to hang out with them both,” Megan says. “Kristin was still awesome and really great to be around, and [he] was also interesting and fun and engaging and attractive.” Plans for a third date are in the works.