(Courtesy of the daters)

About the daters ...

Dating historyas TV show ...

Zebib: It’s “Seinfeld” in a nutshell: all about nothing. Some moments are funny, some are intense, and then there is always the long debrief and talking circles about the situation with my friends.

Aaron: “The life and times of Aaron Mr. Perfect: How to win in the dating game while avoiding the friend zone.”

Brag a little ...

Zebib: I’m funny, a good conversationalist. I have a good grip on most topics when it comes to current events. I clean up nicely and have opinions. I’m also pretty open-minded and smart.

Aaron: College graduate, employed, no children, ambitious.

(Courtesy of the daters)
Interests to share ...

Zebib: Reading, traveling, trying new things, social justice.

Aaron: Interest in solving social complexities among people of our
age group.

Your idea of funny ...

Zebib: Has funny one-liners. Very
witty and has great comebacks.
Also knows how to find the humor
out of every situation. I don’t like too much sarcasm.

Aaron: Someone who not only laughs with me but is able to make me laugh through engaging conversation.

About the date ...

7:30 p.m., Rosa Mexicano, Chinatown

Aaron: I was actually off of work that day ... studying for a test that I have coming up. I gave up on parking on the street and found a garage. I was there at 7:20.

Zebib: I went home and got ready and then drove out. I was nervous I was going to be a little late, because parking in D.C. is awful. [The hostess] walked me over.

Aaron: When I looked up, I was like: Oh, wow, she’s really an attractive woman. I saw her entire look — it works really well for her.

Zebib: He’s an attractive guy. He is really tall. It was a good first impression. I sat down, and he got up and was like, “Let me give you a proper hello,” and we hugged. That was really warm.

Aaron: She was really open to that, which was good. That set the tone for the date. We immediately started talking — about everything. Almost as if we had known each other for a year or so and were catching up. We went into religion, to politics, to school, to past dating experiences.

Zebib: We probably sat and ate [appetizers] for maybe an hour. We lost track of time. He said it’s very rare that [a blind date] can happen nowadays, because either of you can get on Facebook.

Aaron: If I were to look her up on Facebook, she would probably be the first name. I’m not going to do that, because that would take the essence of blind date away.

Zebib: I was really surprised that he held off on that. I thought that was great. Literally, all night the conversation never ended — it was constant. I felt like we were both equally engaged.

Aaron: We were really open to getting to know each other. We spoke about ethnicity. She mentioned she was Eritrean. I like East African women — I feel like they are naturally beautiful. I think I told her that.

Zebib: He is one quarter-Japanese; he was telling me about that whole story. I felt like he is definitely attracted to me — at that point, at least to my look.

Aaron: She mentioned that her brother was probably the funniest person that she knows, and she’s been pushing him to do stand-up one day. I had done stand-up a few times over the summer.

Zebib: That kind of surprised me — it wasn’t that I didn’t think he was particularly funny throughout, he just wasn’t cracking lots of jokes or anything like that. He performs sometimes at Busboys & Poets or just random venues. I thought that was cool.

Aaron: She asked me if I would be interested in performing at a roast she is having for her friend’s 25th birthday party. We eventually remembered, yeah, we might want to order some food and drinks.

Zebib: He told me he doesn’t eat red meat. He’s just trying to eat healthy and stay the size that he is — which made for interesting conversation.

Aaron: We had a little bit of room left for dessert. It was probably close to 10 or a little after. We were both really engaged in the entire date; there was a lot of eye contact and laughter.

Zebib: I don’t know if it ever got super-flirty. I definitely feel like we got along super well. It was really easy, it was comfortable, like I had known him for a while. Around 11:30, the night wrapped up. He walked me to my car, and we hugged. And exchanged information.

Aaron: Later on that evening, I sent her a [Facebook] friend request. I would [rate the date] a 5 [out of 5]. She is a very attractive woman, and the conversation was amazing. She is definitely someone I’d be interested in getting to know beyond this.

Zebib: I would say it’s a 4. It was refreshing to meet someone young and has a lot of goals and ambitions — especially a guy. I was definitely open to [going out again]. Our personalities mesh. He works the evening weekend shifts [and] has classes during the day. If we ever do go out — the timing thing, we would have to work on that.

UPDATE: By the time we went to press, they had texted and Facebooked but hadn’t yet arranged a second date. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and have an updated update at washingtonpost.com/datelab.

UPDATED UPDATE: They've been in contact via text but still no second date. Are they still interested in getting together? “I would def[initely] go out with her again if she is interested. I would be,” Aaron told us by e-mail. Zebib says: “I would probably hang out again — maybe as friends and see where it goes.”

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