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Favorite movie?

Harold: “Black Dynamite”

Maria: “Anchorman”

Favoritehistorical figure?

Harold: William
Tecumseh Sherman

Maria: Oprah Winfrey

Favorite animal?

Harold: Dog

Maria: Dog

Favorite book?

Harold: “Getting to Yes”

Maria: The Bible

They both like sports. But while he’s an adventurer, she’d rather sit on the sidelines and watch. Will it be a deal-breaker? Or will he find in her the confident but humble, smart and easygoing personality he’s in search of? We sent them to Red Hen on U Street
to find out. …

Maria: He had a jacket and a button-up shirt and jeans. I thought he was nice-looking.

Harold: She’s really attractive. We sat down. It was awkward for a second, [so] I proposed right away that we take a shot together, just to take the edge off.

Maria: I wasn’t nervous, but I didn’t know exactly what to say or where to begin, so I thought that was a good idea. We had some drink that they made with chocolate and lemon.

Harold: That loosened us up just a little bit, and it flowed pretty well from that point. We started talking about what we had been up to the past couple of days. She asked me about the basketball games, so we talked about sports for a bit. I’m really big into sports in general. She’s a big basketball fan, and she listens to sports radio all day. So we hit it off on that front.

Maria:We talked a little bit about family, about the things that make us tick, I guess. [The conversation] flowed. We were laughing and talking. It wasn’t interview-style. I think I was most worried about that.

Harold: She got her master’s from University of Texas and works in social work. She’s very committed to her career; she’s about to become a commissioned officer in the Air Force. So that was really neat. She’s a really remarkable young lady. I told her I work in politics. She doesn’t know anything about politics. I was happy, because I didn’t want to talk politics.

Maria: He seemed more of an adventurer than I am. He ran with the bulls last summer. I would love to hear the story and see the pictures, but I would never do that. He doesn’t watch TV, and I’m kind of a couch potato. It was something that was different, but it wasn’t anything that was bad.

Harold: She doesn’t seem very outgoing, and I don’t mean that in a very negative way, but she’s a little shy. And when we were talking about vacations or music or television, she’s very mainstream. But I thought we got along very well. There was an ease to her that I really admired. She’s just very calm and very placid, and I’m excitable so it was really cool just to sit and just talk for a little bit.

Maria:He definitely was a [personality] match. He’s well read and very intelligent, but he still lets loose, and you can tell he enjoys life. And he’s very confident in himself, and I always admire that. You can tell when people are comfortable with who they are but not arrogant.

Harold: She said something very smart — that when she’s thinking about a potential mate she’s looking more for a friend who’s your best friend versus this romantic thing that may die off eventually. Just hearing her say that made the entire date pretty relaxed.

Maria: We both weren’t into the cameras. We were both like, “Okay, let’s just take a few and get it over with.” We kind of plotted on trying to take a picture of someone else, but we ended up just taking a picture.

Harold: We took a photo and talked about our next date. I think we both felt it [was] sort of awkward. I took her number. We’re likely going to go paddle boarding and have a picnic.

Maria: He walked me to my car. I thought that it was maybe 9:30 or so, but it was actually 10:30 when we left. We talked about some other things we could do. We hugged.


Harold: [I’d rate the date] a 4.4. She’s okay. I know that’s not glowing and effusive, but I like her.

Maria: I would give it a 4. I would say this is one of the better first dates that I have had. I’m really glad I met him. He’s such an interesting person: His take on life is something I think would be good to be around.

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UPDATE: There’s been a second date. And a third. “We talk about every day,” Harold said a week post-date. Are more dates in the cards? “Yeah, I think so,” Maria said.


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