(Courtesy of the daters)

About the daters ...

Desired superpower …

Bennett: Teleportation, so I could travel places for free and get out of bad situations quickly.

Jane: Read people’s minds — I’m kind of gullible, so with this power I could tell whether or not someone was telling the truth.

Your type ...

Bennett: Witty blondes or especially attractive brunettes. Confident and beautiful, adaptable, fun-lover who can spend the night in.

Jane: I tend to prefer tall, dark and handsome. Personality: SMART, funny and adventurous. I like people who have a lot of different sides to them and people that can teach me something. I like guys that plan and take initiative — and guys that are friendly and easy to hang out with.

(Courtesy of the daters)
Your idea of funny …

Bennett: Understanding the rhythm
of a conversation and knowing when NOT to talk.

Jane: I like dry humor with a dorky edge. I can be fairly literal sometimes, so I also really like someone who can find humor in something that doesn’t appear funny on the surface — it pulls me out of that very direct way of thinking.

About the date ...

7:30 p.m., Oyamel, Penn Quarter

Jane: I got there about 7:25, and Bennett was already waiting at the table. He’s not normally the type of person I would go for, but he’s really cute. I tend to like nerdy guys, and he doesn’t look nerdy at all. He’s very all-American looking, very classic.

Bennett: She’s really cute. I liked the way she was dressed. It was casual and a little sexy without being too revealing. She had a big smile, so I thought it was going to go well. I got up and gave her a hug. Then we sat down, and we started a little small talk.

Jane: He’s here going to law school. I talked to him about how I’m from North Carolina and went to school in Virginia.

Bennett: I was a little nervous, and I did this stupid thing. I can’t believe I said this. She went to William & Mary. I had looked at going there, but at the time I had read it was the No. 1 suicide school. I asked her about that. As it was coming out of my mouth, I was like, Oh, no. I should definitely not lead with this. She handled it in stride, which is a big plus.

Jane: It was definitely not what I was expecting when I mentioned it. [But] it didn’t offend me at all. We were so busy talking ... I thought, even if we ended up not interested in each other, at least it wasn’t going to be an awkward few hours.

Bennett: We must have talked about everything. Movies, music, books, what we’re doing with our lives, what was your first album purchase, the movie everyone can’t believe you’ve never seen.

Jane: We both used to take piano. That’s not something I often have in common with guys. It made me think he’s someone I wanted to get to know more.

Bennett: We were talking so much, we had to pause to look at the menu. It’s tapas, so we ordered an appetizer and a bunch of entree plates.

Jane: We’ve both traveled a decent amount. I don’t think I could see myself with anyone who doesn’t have that passion. It’s an integral part of my job and who I am. I think it’s really important in a partner.

Bennett: She had this really cool experience where she encountered sea turtles on the beach in Hawaii. One of her goals is to do conservation efforts with them; I had done some conservation work with sea turtles in Costa Rica. It’s a unique thing to have in common.

Jane: We had a lot of fun with the cameras. There’s this skeleton thing [in the restaurant], and we took a picture of us feeding it ice cream. It was good that he was able to joke around and have fun so quickly. It made me feel comfortable.

Bennett: We talked about how we both had our palms read. I kind of remembered what some of the lines meant, and so did she.

Jane: I held out my palm, and he showed me the area to look at on the palm for successes. I looked at his lifeline and teased him that he wasn’t going to live long. It was really cute. It was a good way to be a little flirty. We pretty much closed down the restaurant. We kept saying we should leave, and then we kept talking. Around 11:30 I said, “I really don’t want the Metro to close on me.”

Bennett: We take the same line but in opposite directions. We stood and waited for the Metro together. I asked her for her phone number.

Jane: I thought he was going to call or text so I would have his. I didn’t ask for it, which I feel bad about. Our trains came at almost exactly the same time. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, which I thought was cute.

Bennett: [The date] was a 5 [out of 5]. It all went really well. I’ll probably call her to see if she wants to do one of the things we talked about. She was telling me about this restaurant in Georgetown she wants to try, and I was telling her there’s some cool live jazz on U Street, so maybe we’ll do that.

Jane: I would give it a 5. I had a really good time and felt like we had a lot in common. I would definitely go on a second date.

UPDATE: Bennett was busy Skyping with Jane, who was traveling, when we contacted him for an update. He tells us they’ve been on half a dozen dates and “it’s definitely romantic.” Maybe that love line was strong after all.

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