(Courtesy of the daters)

About the daters ...

Happiest when ...

Nick: When I invite friends over for a weekend brunch. I love cooking waffles for my friends and then just sitting and talking.

Kate: When I’m with my family and dog back home, especially when we’re hiking.

Last book read ...

(Courtesy of the daters)

Nick: “I Drink for a Reason”
by David Cross

Kate: “Decision Points”
by George W. Bush

Brag a little ...

Nick: I love to make people laugh, I get along great with moms and I’ll always make the coffee in the morning.

Kate: I’m very carefree and love to laugh. I don’t get stressed easily and am overly optimistic about most things.

Your type ...

Nick: Someone who is open-minded
to trying new things, but not over-the top intense. For example, someone who is willing to try a new Thai restaurant, but not up for skydiving. They also need to be able to carry on a conversation and laugh a lot. They must enjoy sports and politics. They must be driven, but able to be self-deprecating.

Kate: I typically like nerdy guys who love sports.

Dream date ...

Nick: Probably Liz Lemon from “30 Rock.” She doesn’t take herself seriously but is successful. She’s also a little crazy, in a good way.

Kate: An owner of an NBA team who can cook and loves the outdoors.

Interests to share ...

Nick: Must enjoy hiking and camping. Must enjoy watching sports (especially basketball). Must be optimistic. Must be passionate about politics, preferably with liberal views.

Kate: Outdoors. Love of sports, especially basketball. Must be optimistic and enjoy doing new things. Career-driven.

About the date ...

7:30 p.m., Austin Grill, Silver Spring

Nick: I was really nervous about what shirt I was going to wear because I don’t have too many “going out” shirts. [The day before the date] I went into the Eddie Bauer store at the Columbia mall and told the woman I was going on a blind date. She suggested something. I got to the restaurant about 7:25.

Kate: When I arrived he was already there. We hugged and started talking. He was cute. He looked approachable. He just seemed very, very warm. From the way he was dressed, he seemed casual, in a good way. I thought it was a nice shirt, an appropriate shirt.

Nick: Major props to the [sales] woman for the shirt! I thought Kate was cute. She had a nice dress on. She seemed to be very energetic, very outgoing, pretty extroverted — so, like myself. We both ordered cocktails. I got some sort of martini. I think she got some sort of margarita. We both kind of agreed later that those are not usually the first drinks we would order.

Kate: I think mine was a melontini. We are both very talkative people. We were both camp counselors. He’s very outdoorsy, very into sports, just as I am. We talked a ton about sports. He was talking about maybe becoming a sports journalist. One of my dreams in life is to get a sports talk show on the radio, like if “Mike & Mike in the Morning” ever retire.

Nick: We talked about favorite TV shows. Hers was “House Hunters.” I told her mine was “The Office.” I like to do the “if you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one book, one movie and one album, what would they be?” It’s kind of a tough question. For me, it was “The Sandlot,” any Calvin and Hobbes book and Paul Simon’s “Graceland.” For hers, it was a Britney Spears album. She said she didn’t watch very many movies.

Kate: He definitely knew his answers. I have difficult time picking favorite things. But I love Britney Spears. I would definitely bring her to the island.

Nick: She said one of the last books she read was George W. Bush’s “Decision Points.” I’ll admit that’s not in my political realm. I’m usually more left-leaning. But I didn’t want to talk politics on the first date, and it wouldn’t stop me from seeing her again. I felt like I could be myself around her. I didn’t need to pretend to be anything else.

Kate: Politics didn’t really come up. I would definitely consider myself pretty conservative, though. Most of the boys I have dated have been conservative. There wasn’t a lot of flirting. [But] it felt as if we knew each other for a long time, because the conversation was flowing so well.

Nick: We both ordered different steak dinners. By the time we finished, we were both like, “I can’t eat any more food.” So dinner winds down somewhere around 9:15. Then we walked around Silver Spring for a little while and went into Borders for a minute. I had to drive back to Howard County and be at work at 7 a.m. It was a quiet way to wind down the evening.

Katie: We looked at the sports books for a few minutes. I enjoy reading for sure, but lately it’s been pretty much only nursing books, because I just took my licensing test. He pointed out some sports books he thought I should read. He walked me to the Metro. We exchanged numbers and hugged. We talked about maybe going to aNats game at some point. We got along very well. I would go out with him again. I think it would take more time to see if it turns out to be a friend-thing or more of a relationship-thing. All in all, I would say the date was a 4[out of 5].

Nick: I would give it a 4.5. It was a really fun first date. She’s definitely someone I would like to hang out with again. Relationship-wise, I don’t know. I would need a couple more dates.

UPDATE: Nick and Kate went to a Nationals game together the following weekend. Both said they had a good time but that the romantic chemistry just wasn’t there. “It doesn’t matter,” Kate said. “I had so much fun that I’d do it again a million times.” We’ll take it!

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