Brennan Love, 27, paralegal, and Megan Jeffries, 24, human resources assistant. (Photograph courtesy of daters)

The “multifaceted” and “irreverent” Brennan is looking for a lady who’s smart, warm, a “good talker” and “willing to make time.” Megan can hold a conversation with anyone, loves a good adventure and seeks a guy who is “kind, generous and patient.” Oh, and since she’s 6 feet tall, he’ll need a bit of height on his side. We sent them to Farmers Fishers Bakers on the Georgetown waterfront.

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Megan: He just looked like a really pleasant, kind person. He was very tall, and he was handsome.

Brennan: She was very tall — I’m very tall, [so] that’s an attractive thing, definitely a plus. I think there was some initial awkwardness. But we got past that.

Megan: We talked a little bit about work but both decided work was a pretty boring topic. I’d much rather talk about food. He really, really likes food.

Brennan: I love to cook; she loves to cook. We talked for a long time about what we like to make. She mentioned [some] unorthodox ways of combining that I’d never have thought of, [such as] a chicken dish she topped with a mixture of blueberries and whipped cream. It actually sounded pretty good.

Megan: I like to feed people. I think for me food is often an excuse to get together with people.

Brennan: We talked about being outdoors, hiking, camping. We both like to do that.

Megan: I’m going to Germany in a week, so we talked about travel. We both like … how can I say this without sounding awkward or nerdy? I can’t. We both like fantasy novels — he really loves “Game of Thrones”; [I like] a series called “Wheel of Time.”

Brennan: I’d describe her as very smart, maybe a bit introverted, and multifaceted. We were talking about [giving] back to the community. I volunteer for my local Boy Scout troop, as a teacher for outdoors-related things. She volunteers for a crisis hotline.

Megan: I was looking for ways to give back; I was starting to feel like a selfish 20-something. There was a suicide scare, a person about to jump off the Key Bridge. Someone talked him down. I heard commuters complaining about the time it took away from their commute. But that three hours saved his life. A co-worker mentioned Crisis Link, and I thought, This sounds amazing. It’s [now] actually one of the most fulfilling things in my life.

Brennan: We talked about how you withstand it because it’s got to be stressful. She seemed very enthusiastic about it. It’s something I find very impressive.

Megan: I’m pretty sure the restaurant closed by the time we were done talking. We walked around the waterfront a bit.

Brennan: I walked her back to her car, and she dropped me off at the Metro.

Megan: I gave him my number [and] put his number in my phone. And then he just kind of smiled and said, “I hope you have a great night.”

Brennan: I think we’ll communicate again after she goes on vacation. I think I’d ask her out on a proper date. I think there’s potential worth exploring.


Megan: I would give it a 4.5 [out of 5.] I enjoyed the company, enjoyed talking to him. I would be very open to [a second date].

Brennan: A 4. I think that we connected. It was a real, honest, fun evening.


Brennan and Megan kept in touch while she was on her European travels and had a second date scheduled when this story went to press.

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