While I was dating my now-husband, who knew how pet-crazy I was, he promised that we could get a pet once we were settled into our first apartment together.

Frugal, he said he would be able to buy only one pet, so if I wanted a cat, dog or parrot that would be it.

We settled in together, and in January we took a trip to visit the furry inventory at our local animal shelter. Once there, a big set of green eyes looked up at me from a cage.

There sat the cutest 5-month-old orange kitten — my favorite! She let me hold her, and it was done — she would be ours.

My boyfriend pointed out the discounted carriers sold at the shelter, and we started picking out names
until I saw him.

Our kitty had a brother in the back of the cage, scared and hiding.

My heart melted.

How could I split these two cute cats?

As I thought over walking away completely, I noticed a sign on the
wall: “January Kitty Sale: Buy 1 Get 1 Free!”

Since we would be technically “buying” one pet, I knew I had found a loophole.

Now 5 years old, Henry and Waffles are both permanent members of our little family.

Apple Jannotta,


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