Swimming during open swim hours at the university pool was always a pain — even in the fast lane, slow swimmers would get in the way of a good workout. One Saturday, I catch sight of a guy in trunks (a sign of a not-serious swimmer) and to my eye a not-so-serious swimming build standing by the pool, seeming a little lost but perhaps ready to get into my lane. I consider stopping to explain the “lanes by speed” concept and point him toward a slower lane. I decide not to.

He gets in my lane ... and somehow doesn’t get in the way. In fact, he seems to be swimming pretty fast. Really fast. On a break, I hear a lifeguard say: “That’s Pablo Morales! He just started in law school here!” Yep, Olympic gold-medal winning, world record-setting, 11-time NCAA championship swimmer Pablo Morales.

Phil Costa,

Cambridge, Mass.

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