Throwing a humor contest is like throwing a party: Immediately after you send the invitations, you start fretting about whether anyone will come. We needn’t have worried. After we launched the WP Magazine Humor Contest in July, a thousand people took fingers to keyboards (and pens to paper — there are eight Luddites still out there) and entered memoirs. More than a thousand tweeted jokes to us, and 156 sent photos.

The Magazine staff culled the entries to 15 in each category, then shipped them off to our celebrity judges to pick the best. Herewith, the winners in each category and some runners-up, and a conclusion: Judging a humor contest is also like cleaning up after a party. You find strange things you don’t know what to do with and surprising things that leave you smiling.

Thanks to all of you who entered.

— WP Magazine editors

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A stroke of luck?

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Proof of Age

Flipping a wig

The joy of cooking

Prophets and losses

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