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S.E. Cupp, 35, lives in Northern Virginia.

Why S.E. instead of Sarah Elizabeth?

Oh, gosh. Well, as you are in college, I was young and affected and thought it might be interesting to use a gender-anonymous name. So in my newspaper bylines I went by S.E. and continued that into my career, never assuming that I’d end up on television. Now the jig is up, and everyone knows I’m a woman. So now it’s just an obnoxious affect.

You’ve moved to Washington from New York recently. What stands out to you about your new city?

On the slightly annoying side, D.C. can be something of a college campus. You run into the same people, and everyone has the same kind of social circle, and their jobs are focused around politics, and it can feel a little incestuous at times. On the plus side, it’s very easy to make friends.

Jon Stewart famously crushed “Crossfire” in 2004. Would you like to have him as a guest on the new show?

Absolutely. I think he’s funny, I think he’s interesting, he’s relevant.

Would he like the new version?

I’m not sure what he thinks. I don’t really think about Jon Stewart when I go on the show every night.

Who is the most interesting person on the planet right now?

Pope Francis has had a very provocative year or so, and I find him fascinating.

Is there a guest you have really not enjoyed having on the show?

[Laughs.] Oh, yeah, let me give you my list. No, the guests that make for the least interesting debate are often members of Congress who would otherwise be interesting if there weren’t cameras on. But, because of the nature of their job, feel a little stifled and they aren’t as open and honest as we’d like.

You’re a hunter. Do you get to do much of that around here?

Yeah, what’s been great is the opportunity for bird hunting is tremendous. Here I’ve done geese and pheasant and quail and duck, and that’s all been practically in my back yard.

You don’t really mean in your back yard.

It’s not in my back yard, because that would be illegal, unfortunately. One day maybe I’ll live in a place where I can hunt in my back yard.

Okay, let’s end with a prediction for 2014. Who will win this year’s World Series?

I’m going to sound ridiculous, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say the Mets. I know they won’t, but I’m a big Mets fan and long-suffering. In the absence of the Mets, I’ve got to go with the Nats.

Well, that is covering your bases.

I know!

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