Feb. 19 Issue
“Brandon Paulin runs a town” by rachel manteuffEL

Just a quick note to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of your piece about Mayor Brandon Paulin. Thanks!

Dory Piccard Dickson, Medford, N.J.

What a delightful, inspiring, humorous and hopeful article about a young man with good ambitions, professionally and personally. I love your town, having visited only once, but I’ll be back to see how you’re doing with the town, the grocery store and the car. ... Kudos, high fives, fist pumps ... whatever is cool these days to say “nice going and good luck.”

Cathy Bergeron, Annandale, Va.

Feb. 12 Issue
“For Backyard chickens, a lot of TLC” by Karin Brulliard

I enjoyed reading this story. A few things I want to mention that were not in the article:

The state of Maryland requires that everyone who owns chickens register their flock with the Maryland Department of Agriculture.

All live poultry and hatching egg sales in Maryland require an MDA permit with the exception of sales at auction markets. Permit holders agree to be inspected, meet sanitation and biosecurity standards of the National Poultry Improvement Plan, and their flocks are regularly tested for pullorum-typhoid and avian influenza.

The MDA has great concerns about poultry respiratory diseases. ... When we receive reports of illness in chickens, particularly respiratory illness or any instances of increased mortality, we will come out at no charge to the owner to collect samples and perform testing.

We encourage backyard flock owners to contact us or the University of Maryland Poultry Extension whenever they have concerns about the health of their birds.

We want to make sure our Maryland small-flock owners know we are here to help.

Marilyn M. White, D.V.M.

Maryland National Poultry Improvement Plan Coordinator, Annapolis, Md.