When it comes to listening in on other people’s conversations, why should the NSA have all the fun? This week, readers contribute some of their favorite overheard exchanges.

Amy Wollins of Rockville overheard outside Target in Gaithersburg:

Dad to kid after he drops his newly unwrapped Reese’s peanut butter cup on the sidewalk:

“Pick it up and eat it. ... And don’t tell your mother!”

Julie Philipoom of Fairfax outside a Fairfax shop:

Tired mother to 4-year-old daughter: “Do you think you can do one thing that isn’t overly dramatic?”

Daniel Horner of Washington at the start of the Parks Half-Marathon near the Rockville Metro:

Woman to a fellow runner: “We lost power for about six hours last night. ... Everybody on my street has an electric car; maybe they all plugged in at the same time.”

Melanie Newbrough of Wheaton at the Takoma Park Folk Festival:

Girl 1: “I’d like to get my nails done.”

Girl 2: “I can do your nails.”

Girl 1: “I’d like to go to a salon so they can do my nails real good.”

Girl 2: “I can do your nails real good! And I would give you chocolate and soak your feet in hot water.”

Girl 1: “Well, I can do your nails, too. Maybe we can sit across from each other and soak our feet and do each other’s nails.”

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