When it comes to listening in on other people’s conversations, why should the NSA have all the fun? With that in mind, we’re inviting you to send in the most interesting conversations you’ve overheard recently. Washington Post staffers offer these tidbits:

Elizabeth Chang overheard on a flight:

Flight attendant asks little girl how old she is.

Girl: “I’m 3. [Slight pause.] I used to be 2.”

Flight attendant: “I used to be 2, too!”

Father: “I skipped 2.”

Girl: [Another slight pause.] “No, you didn’t.” [Explains to flight attendant.] “Daddy always plays jokes on us.”

Monica Hesse on the evening dog walk:

Boy (10-ish): “I like your dog.”

Me: “Thanks!”

His sister (8-ish): “I like your brown suede boots. You should wear them with purple leggings instead of jeans.”

Lynn Medford at a movie:

Seated in front of me at this showing of “We’re the Millers,” a Jennifer Aniston flick, are six 8- or 9-year-olds. The woman shepherding them is sitting beside me, shushing them through the previews. The movie begins — and is so filled with swearing, nudity, and sex and drug jokes that I spend the rest of the movie worried about these children and this woman. Clearly, I think, they are also caught unawares by the content and are unable to leave such prominent seats without disrupting the audience. By the time the movie ends, I’m practically in a sweat. The mom stands and says sweetly to the kids:

“Did you enjoy the movie as much the second time?”

Overheard a conversation or observed a scene you’d like to share? E-mail it to wpmagazine@washpost.com with “Overheard” in the subject line. Please include your name, age and city of residence.