When it comes to listening in on other people’s conversations, why should the NSA have all the fun? With that in mind, we’re inviting you to send in the most interesting conversations you’ve overheard recently. Washington Post staffers kick off this occasional feature:

Chris Richards overheard on the Metro:

Annoyed father: “You don’t listen!”

Seemingly sincere 8-year-old son: “I’m a visual learner!”

Diamond James on the Metro:

Girl 1: Is this next one our stop?

Girl 2: Yeah. It’s NoMa.

Girl 1: “Who the [bleep] is NoMa?

Girl 2: I think he was a professor or something [she refers to Gallaudet being near the station].

Girl 1: Oh, okay.

They got off at NoMa.

Monica Hesse outside the gym:

Salesman: “Lady, join our gym today, and you’ll be gorgeous by bathing suit season!”

Lady: “I joined your gym a year ago, [bleep-bleep].”

Monica Hesse in Whole Foods:

Man: Do they have any of that olive bread left?

His friend: I don’t see any. Get this kind instead.

Man: No. I wanted to get it for the homeless guy in front of my building. He really likes the olive kind.

Max Ehrenfreund in a park:

Mother: Haven’t you heard of J Street?

Toddler daughter: No.

Mother: It’s a Jewish advocacy organization, a lot like AIPAC, except with a liberal agenda.

Toddler:Oh! I see.

And Chuck Lane leaves us with this. Not exactly overheard, but we like it, anyway:

My daughter, age 12:

“Dad, when was the Pink Floyd era?”

Overheard a conversation or observed a scene you’d like to share? E-mail it to wpmagazine@washpost.com with “Overheard” in the subject line. Please include your name, age and city of residence.