Lizzie Martinez of Washington overheard three young women talking on the H2 bus on a Saturday night:

Woman 1: Then he called and asked if he could come over. And I was holding cabbage. And I kept thinking, What if he comes over right now and I’m holding cabbage? Cabbage is just one of those vegetables you don’t want to be holding when you answer the door because it isn’t one of the sexy vegetables.

Woman 2: What is a sexy vegetable?

Woman 3: Eggplant. Definitely.

Woman 1: Oh, yeah, eggplant is way sexier than cabbage.

Steve Inskeep of Washington overheard two construction workers on North Capitol Street early one morning:

First worker: “You want coffee?”

Second worker: “I don’t drink coffee.”

First worker: “What you drink, cerveza?”

Second worker: “Tequila.”

Marion Sheaffer of Sterling at the Baltimore Aquarium:

Father: That there is a poison dart frog, son. It shoots poisonous darts at its enemies.

Judy Carlson of Stephens City with her daughter and grandsons on the way to Orlando.

It was the first time on a plane with the 5- and 9-year-old, and they were kind of concerned. The boys had window seats. The oldest looked out over the cloudscape and said, “Wow, Grandma, is this what Heaven looks like?” You could hear other passengers giggling or gasping. Grandma was tearing up.

Brian McLaughlin of Silver Spring
at a Starbucks.

Man: Can I get change for a $100?

Starbucks employee: Okay, but can I get you a coffee or drink?

Man: No, I hate Starbucks.

Starbucks employee gives him five $20 bills.

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