Carolyn Lee Purdy of Harrisonburg:

I was wearing a Christmas sweatshirt and my Santa hat while shopping in a local “box store” when a mom and her toddler stopped beside me. As the mom selected an item from the shelf, the child pointed at me and said, “Hat, hat.” The mom looked at me and exclaimed, “Oh, no! That lady stole Santa’s hat!”

Renee Calarco of Washington overheard this at a Panera Bread
in Silver Spring:

Dad to his 5-year-old: “You know what ‘dormant’ means? It’s when you’re working on a project for a few weeks, and then you stop for a while. We say that the project is ‘dormant.’ ”


Mom to 5-year-old: “It’s also what happens to volcanos.”

Gary Donnelly of Clifton:

During a reception in San Antonio, an executive’s wife, after a tour of the Alamo, asked: “Why did they build the Alamo so close to the city?”

And The Post’s Lynn Medford:

In an Annapolis jewelry store, the jeweler brings out a diamond set — bracelet, earrings and pendant.

Customer: “Oh, not that much! We’re not married yet!”

Jeweler: “Oh, you think this is just to say ‘I love you’ to a wife.”

Customer: “No, this is for when I’m in really big trouble.”

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