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What’s billed as “elote corn” at Fish Taco in Cabin John is chef Michael Harr’s ode to local Maryland corn and mayonnaise — a couple of his favorite foodstuffs.

Like the Mexican street food classic (elote means “cob”), Harr’s rendition relies on chili powder and fresh citrus juice to enliven a sauce that is just thick enough to cling to an ear of juicy, charred kernels. But the chef adds dimension with a combination of toasted and pulverized dried chili peppers: guajillo, which is fruity; and chipotle, which brings a smoky heat.

They’re blended into the mayo base, along with scallions and sweet white kernels kissed by the grill. No wonder the sauce has earned “signature” status.

Recipe: Elote Corn With Charred Corn Mayo

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