(Photograph by Renee Comet; styling by Bonnie S. Benwick)
Food and Dining Editor

At Elizabeth’s Gone Raw, the once-a-week vegan tasting event at Elizabeth Petty’s Catering Company of Washington, chef Jonathan Seningen likes to start the six-course experience with a shot of soup. It often contains pureed fruit and/or vegetables, a nod to the raw-food philosophy and practice of the place, and it launches the evening with a powerful little jolt to the senses.

One Friday this spring, the shot was what Seningen calls pineapple soup: a sweet-tart jigger of bright yellow juice with a backdrop spark of heat from cayenne pepper. To be honest, when he gave us the recipe, we thought it might be too simple to share. But then we made it, and all such thoughts went out the window and evaporated in the sweltering Washington heat. Because as easy and quick as it is, it sure doesn’t taste like it — and isn’t that the best kind of recipe of all?

Recipe: Pineapple Soup

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