(Renee Comet/For The Washington Post)

“We’re going to make some money off these!”

That was the reaction when Tim Ma tossed together a batch of chicken wings for family in 2010. The chef now plates 60 pounds’ worth a week at his Maple Ave Restaurant in Vienna. The sauce shines a citrusy heat on wings and drumettes that remain crisp under cover. Eating them is finger-lickin’ business.

The recipe’s so simple that Ma was almost embarrassed to share it. The hitch: He uses Kendall Farms crème fraîche — a rich, cultured product that does not separate when exposed to heat, and, sadly, is not available in Washington area stores. With extra whisking, a good store brand will do for the rest of us.

Note: Leftover sauce can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to a month.

Recipe: Crème Fraîche Chicken Wings

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