Which best describes CNN’s coverage of the Flight 370 disappearance?

A. Wall to wall.

C. 24-7.

E. Pedal to the metal.

F. All in, all the time.

G. Enormously embarrassing.

Which of the following things did Toronto Mayor Rob Ford NOT do?

B. Declare it ridiculous that he ever

said he wanted to “eat” a certain

female politician because, as a happily

married man, he has had “enough to

eat” at home.

D. Explain that he smoked crack

cocaine but only “in one of my

drunken stupors.”

E. Threaten to kill an adversary

with his bare hands.

G. Solve Fermat’s Last Theorem by

applying the Taniyama conjecture.

In the song “Mister Bojangles,”
what did the dog do?

J. He attempted to mate with Mister

Bojangles’ leg.

K . He rescued Timmy from the


L . He up and


Which of the following acts performed at this year’s South by Southwest Music Festival?

F . Diarrhea Planet

G . Swearing at Motorists

H . We Butter the Bread With Butter

I. All of these acts, as well as The

Casket Girls, Chuck Mead & His

Grassy Knoll Boys, The Suffers, Two

Cow Garage, The Yolks, Motel Beds,

Paint Fumes, Vancouver Sleep Clinic

and Buck Biloxi and the F---s.

Hollywood producers are casting a movie about the first woman who won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Prize for physics, the Pulitzer Prize for public service, and the Pritzker Prize for architecture. The real-life woman is homely and 20 pounds overweight. Whom do they cast?

P. Angelina Jolie, wearing nerdy


Q. Beyoncé, wearing nerdy glasses.

R . Scarlett Johansson, wearing nerdy

glasses and a bun.

S. These are all excellent choices!

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