Most of the clues on this page are decoys. The five matching the solutions to Hunt puzzles are real.

8: Good! Now find the 10th!

9: You don’t want the red one, but you do want the card-carrying one.




12: /bgr2@

13: Tim and Dancer both follow it.

15: Start with the 11th. Double the 13th. Stop at the 23rd.

16: When you are their you will no what to do.

21: Breakfirst of Champions.

22: What are the odds, people, what are the odds?

27: So if you are a knish, does that mean you are just kind of like a kn?

40: This sentence is missing something important

48: Wahrheitsgemäß beantworten: Sie sind ein Nebengebäude?

51: Faster than a speeding pullet.

64: If you’ve solved IT and THEM correctly, you will know what to subtract from the last-given clue.

65: Not the

(Charles Brutlag/iStock)

The OTHER type of number.

66: At the given time, you will actually need to talk to a man about a horse.

77: It’s “blind” if you want to hide having sent it.

88: Avoid the double snowman.

96: Winter son of our glorious Now by York discontent of is made the this.

106: $/568vKL


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124: Quel est le mot français qui sonne comme le mot anglais qui veut dire le blé.

130: Dysprosium + Protactinium - Argon

145: The third is first. The 23rd is the only one that doesn’t count.

201: You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.

206. It’s the Big W. Again. And again.

259: Think, Mully and Sculder.

260: /23y3vx

271. DO NOT USE 52 OR 5!

293: Grab me some giggle water, dollcakes. Everything’s hunky-dory.

299: It’s short for a big rig and, more to the point, a punctuation mark.

394: You want shell shock? We got MORE SHELL SHOCK.

400: Only if one of the bottles should happen to fall.

444: In art as in hunting, what’s missing is what’s right. Everything else is what’s left.


(Gene Weingarten by Washington Post; Gene Tierney by Frank Filan/AP; Gene Siskel by Buena Vista Television/AP; Gene Hackman by Hubert Boesl/Picture-Alliance/DPA/AP; Levi’s by (copyrighted) @Laurent/iStockphoto)

550: Let your inhibitions run wild.

661: 717%|/

666: The power of The Lord compels you! The power of The Lord compels you! The power of The Lard cowbells you!

1097: Love of two is one. Here but now they’re gone. Baby, don’t fear the wrapper.

2498: /xyb/xab

7003: If you reverse the order of the five real clues you will discover a sixth is implied. But only after 3.

17890: Use your intelligence as guided by your experience, inevitably hobbled just a little by your perverse appetites.

31416: This answer stands alone. It won’t be of value until 3 o’clock. Its size should suggest what to do with the clue you’ll get at the main stag

34777: When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the final answer.

41994: What’s wrong is right: Stanley, Louis, Wordsworth, Ingalls, May, Makepeace

55051: If you are thirsty, get a drink. If you are firsty, get some ink.

Googol: Google.

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