Annandale High School students Vinh Tang, Brian Chung, Danny Nguyen and Elise Kim were photographed while in the full grip of Post Hunt mania last year. Come May 22 if you dare. (Amanda Voisard/For the Washington Post)

It is an event more entertaining than “Star Wars,” more challenging than hacking into Sony, more stupefying than the 2016 presidential field. Okay, maybe not that stupefying.

It is Post Hunt 2016, the annual braintease competition held by Washington Post Magazine. Thousands come downtown to solve head-scratcher puzzles and vie for a $2,000 grand prize — and to watch the inventors, Dave Barry, Tom Shroder and Gene Weingarten, race around in Bermuda shorts with maniacal glints in their eyes.

The thing you need to know now is the date: Sunday, May 22. If you want to read about past Hunts, go to

The Main Stage is moving slightly north, to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Which means air conditioning. Yes, you may applaud.