Plate Lab: one of several new features in The Washington Post Magazine. We’ll translate restaurant recipes into dishes you can make at home and tell you about food trends. (Renee Comet/For The Washington Post)
Dear Readers:

Like Washington itself, The Washington Post Magazine is expanding. Each week, we’ll continue to bring you interesting stories about the life, people and places that define our region, about the history being made here. But we’ll bring you more of them. We’ll showcase outstanding photography, illustration and graphics about the area.

Plus, you’ll find these new features weekly:

Just Asking: Surprising interviews with the area’s notables.

Street Smart: Fascinating highlights about our neighborhoods.

Crunched: Data we bet you didn’t know about our region.

Apptitude: Reviews of new apps for health and fitness, travel and
home and design.

Plate Lab: Post food editors translate fabulous restaurant recipes into dishes you can make at home. Once a month, we tell you about an exciting food trend.

You’ll still find our popular trademark features:

Date Lab: We send two people on a
date and wait for Cupid.

Mine: Readers share stories of what they hold dear.

@Work Advice: Karla L. Miller answers workplace questions — and we secretly hope it wasn’t our colleagues writing in.

Dilbert: The strip that has made us laugh — at ourselves or our bosses — for 25 years.

Tom Sietsema’s Dining: A must-read if you eat out here.

Gene Weingarten’s Below the Beltway: Humor for the brave and irreverent.

We hope you enjoy the bigger, bolder magazine as much as we enjoy creating it. Let us know. E-mail us at

— Lynn Medford, editor

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