The late Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace is shown in this March 16, 1993 file photo, standing at a second-story window overlooking the patio of his Miami Beach mansion during renovation work. (Marice Cohn Band/AP)

JULY 15, 1997 Gianni Versace was opening the gate to enter his Miami Beach mansion on the morning of July 15, 1997, when he was fatally shot by a man wearing a cap, dark trousers and a backpack. “Several people who heard the pop of the gunshots rushed to the scene where Versace, covered in blood, lay unmoving,” The Washington Post’s Donald P. Baker reported. Police quickly identified the suspect as 27-year-old Andrew Cunanan, a male prostitute accused of being a “spree killer.” The 50-year-old renowned fashion designer, who didn’t know Cunanan, was his fifth alleged victim. The others were an architect, a gas company manager in Minneapolis, a millionaire in Chicago and a cemetery groundskeeper in New Jersey. Despite making the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list and being featured four times on “America’s Most Wanted,” Cunanan was never caught by police alive. On July 23, 1997, he was found not far from Versace’s home, on a houseboat, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. “He was so elusive, so slippery, the cops had trouble even finding his corpse,” The Post’s Joel Achenbach wrote.

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