6: Take five.

9: It’s where the net is on the Internet.

13: When you get there, remember what Fetty Wap said.

16: Ask yourself: What the L?

17: I ate. I won, for I ate, too!

18: In 2010, its population was 62,304, but we’re not looking for it. We’re looking for the name of its Korean sister!

20: How could there not be a rock band called Donald Trump and the Republicans?

24: Take the third in the series, write it down with your phone number.

25: This is the ONLY time you will ever use the hypotenuse.

26: If this were golf, it would be a quadruple bogey.


29: Take what you have, then halve what you take.

30: Martha brought dirigibles to her party.

31: Text it to the number you generated with the previous correct answer.

32: Enter laughing.

33: Second, write them down.

35: National Weed Day plus the number of Jews at the last supper.

36: After XLIX years they just couldn’t deal with a Super Bowl L.

37: The last word of the first inaugural address of the third president whose first lady’s first name began with the 10th letter of the alphabet.

39: There is the Far East and there is the Far-er East.

40: Who bought Manhattan for a song? Peter Minuet.

43: Take what you got from the first real clue on this page, add it to what you got from the second real clue on this page, and text it to the number you don’t know yet!

44: 44

45: If this were golf, it would be a triple eagle.


(“All Is Vanity” by Charles Allan Gilbert)

49: You think we’re funny? Funny how? Funny like a clown? Yes.

53: Use them in reverse order.


60: It is between fear and sex, Mein Herr.

61: What happens if you putt a ball into another ball lying stationary on a green? Multiply by the number of holes on a standard course and subtract the par at Augusta National.


66: Like hell I’ll add 6.

67: It’s the first half of half.

70: You know what’s hot? Things with fast molecular motion.

71: The password is the bird.

73: As Henry Miller demonstrated, it’s good to get a little behind in your reading.

75: Think about the right answer, but only intermittently.

76: Did you really think we were going to make it this easy?

77: 88.

93: You have to go there.


118: Take the divot.

203: Look for the rhyme, and then use reason.

204: #77, #8, #7, #39

222: Only those in spondaic feet.

250: The last means of death in Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None.”

266: Only those in iambic pentameter.

404: Bad gateway.


607: You’ll get the right answer only periodically.


1119: At the final location, you will be given eight digits.

1122: Take it from us.

1127: Go fourth and multiply twice.


(“Barney & Clyde” illustrations by The Washington Post Writers Group)

1200: Text it to where the sun does not currently shine.

1322: No, really. Take it from us.

196441: 2016 is the year of the middle digit.

19490: One of these things does not belong.

206314: The final digits? The 2 on your handheld device.