Lee Camp hosts “Redacted Tonight.” (Andre Chung/for The Washington Post)

Lee Camp, 35, is the host and creator of  “Redacted Tonight,” a twice-weekly political comedy show mocking dysfunction in media and the American political system. The cable show on RT America (available from such carriers as Verizon, RCN and Dish in the D.C. area) films live near Metro Center. He lives in Washington.

I’m the mainstream media. Tell me all the ways I suck.

The hard questions are not often asked because you don’t want to alienate the people you’re talking to. I think a
lot of Americans, not just me, are screaming at the TV.
Like, “They avoided the question! They ducked the question!”

How did you get here, hosting “Redacted Tonight”?

I did stand-up comedy for about 15 years. I still do it, but it was my full-time gig for a long time.

Like, it paid the bills?

It did pay the bills. I was doing a YouTube show, and RT America asked if I could create a comedy show. Past six months, it’s been a big jump in the fans. We had one clip that had 2 million views on Facebook. Stuff that goes a little bit viral.
A lot of the bump is that I’m willing to talk about election fraud. It seems like the exit
polls on the Democratic side have not been matched up
very closely to the machine results. People are hungry for that news.

Do you think the Democratic primary was stolen?

I think it’s not fair. Even if this election is accurate, who in their right mind thinks we should have a computer system you can never check? These elections should be fully accountable. Yeah, I don’t like Hillary Clinton and I don’t like Donald Trump, but I want it to be fair.

What do you see as your mission?

I want a society that lasts for a while. The system we live in is unsustainable short-term. Root of a lot of it is money in politics. The congressperson who spends the most wins 90 percent of the time in the House and Senate. If you have the person spending the most money winning, that’s the person getting the most money most of the time, and who’s giving it to them? Corporations.

Does the show sell ads?

One of the reasons I’m at RT America is because there’s no advertising. If there were advertising, no channel really wants someone who goes after corporations as much as I do. When you offend the sponsors you aren’t on TV.

Where does the money come from?

It’s Russian.

The Russian government funds you?


Is that weird?

They knew what kind of comedy I did, and I was picked for that reason. I would do this show for any network that would let me. Were you looking for funny in this? I gave you zero funny.

Tell me a joke. I’m gonna suggest a topic: Vladimir Putin and what a thug he is.

Every time someone says, “Tell me a joke,” I tell people stand-up comedy is not like a strip dance. It doesn’t work one-on-one.

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