OCT. 3, 2006 Few network television dramas debuted with the kind of advance praise that "Friday Night Lights" did. It premiered on this date, and who could keep away with reviews such as that of The Washington Post's Tom Shales, who wrote, "watching the bits and pieces come together, and being swept up in the show's powerful emotional pull, can be pure exhilaration. 'Friday Night Lights' is great, heavy-duty, high-impact TV." The NBC show, based on a 2004 movie and 1990 book of the same name, followed a small-town high school football coach in Dillon, Tex. Kyle Chandler won an Emmy for his performance as coach Eric Taylor in the final season, and writer Jason Katims was awarded for the series finale. Although never a ratings superstar, "Friday Night Lights" was one of a small number of critically acclaimed, auteur-driven shows on network television and arguably as much a part of the second golden age of television as AMC's "Mad Men" and HBO's "The Sopranos." When it went off the air in 2011, Jen Chaney wrote for The Post, "It was an underdog show that ended with the triumph of an underdog team, the East Dillon Lions, in a way that echoed the entire 'Friday Night Lights' philosophy: in life, ultimately all you can do is throw as hard and strong as you can, and then pray."

Annys Shin