JAN. 17, 1998 On this day, the gossip and news aggregation site Drudge Report carried an item that Newsweek was sitting on a story about President Bill Clinton's relationship with a former White House intern named Monica Lewinsky. That scoop-of-a-scoop set off a media frenzy that marked the start of the Clinton scandal that would consume much of the rest of Clinton's presidency. On Jan. 21, The Washington Post and other news outlets ran their own stories on the relationship between the president and the intern, which Clinton denied. Much hand-wringing then ensued about whether "the furious pace of the coverage ... has all but shattered traditional media standards," Howard Kurtz wrote in The Post on Jan. 27. Clinton appeared before a grand jury in August. And the House later impeached him for lying under oath and obstructing justice to cover up the affair. The Senate then acquitted him. The Drudge Report remains an influential site, drawing millions of page views each month. One of its former editors, the late Andrew Breitbart, went on to start the conservative news site Breitbart.com.