Adults undervalue teen friendships. Here’s how to support them.

Adults tend to underappreciate teen friendships. Here's how (and why) to help foster these relationships.

By Emily Laber-WarrenJuly 5, 2022

What it’s like to have a baby in the states that will ban abortion

Many of the states that are banning abortion have the highest rates of uninsured women and the highest rates of maternal deaths.

By Amy Joyce and Lauren TierneyJuly 1, 2022

I’m having second thoughts about the people we chose as guardians

Over the past few years, they have expressed some views I really don't agree with. How do we approach them to rescind our request?

By Meghan LeahyJune 29, 2022

Banned book recommendations for your child’s summer reading list

LeVar Burton, Kate DiCamillo and others pick their favorite challenged or banned books for your kids to read this summer.

By Amy JoyceJune 24, 2022

Parenting: We celebrate growth, and mourn little losses along the way

Parenting, which is made up of moment after moment of guiding and raising our children is also, essentially, made up of moment after moment of letting go.

By Amy JoyceJune 23, 2022

Our 4-year-old is clingy, and we’re having another baby. Help!

My son is very attached to me. Do you have any tips for getting him ready for the baby?

By Meghan LeahyJune 22, 2022

New safe sleep guidelines for babies include flat beds and no bed-sharing

The safe sleep for babies guidelines say infants should sleep on their backs on flat surfaces with no incline. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends no bed sharing.

By Dan HurleyJune 21, 2022

More kids are ingesting melatonin. Here’s what parents should know.

The CDC says there's been a 530 percent increase in reports of kids taking melatonin. Experts are urging caregivers to keep the supplement in a safe place.

By Elizabeth ChangJune 20, 2022

We both had siblings. How do we raise an “only” child?

Meghan Leahy, a parenting coach, author, mother of three, takes your questions about the all encompassing job we call parenting.

By Meghan Leahy and Amy JoyceJune 15, 2022

Dads answer: What does it mean to be a man?

Fathers define what it means to be a man: having strength of all kinds, being vulnerable, speaking up for those who can't and more.

By Amy JoyceJune 15, 2022

How do we raise kids to fight racism? A Q&A with Ibram X. Kendi.

A new book from the historian explores how parents and teachers can guide children to a better future.

By Caitlin GibsonJune 14, 2022

Parents, want to stop overdoing it? Research offers a clue how.

Research shows that people tend to solve problems through addition rather than subtraction. You can fight that tendency by reminding yourself that subtraction is an option.

By Elizabeth ChangJune 13, 2022

My daughter doesn’t want to have children. Is that my fault?

I’ve been open with my kids that I always wanted to adopt, but has my preference for adoption made my daughter refuse to have birth children because I didn’t want them?

By Meghan LeahyJune 8, 2022

School shooters often hint at their plans. How to help kids spot threats.

School shooters often talk or share messages about their intentions, but their peers often don't report those communications. Here's what experts say parents can do.

By Elizabeth ChangJune 7, 2022

My child got covid at daycare. I’m having a hard time forgiving myself.

Meghan Leahy, a parenting coach, author, mother of three, takes your questions about the all encompassing job we call parenting.

By Meghan Leahy and Amy JoyceJune 1, 2022

Why am I the only parent volunteering?

I am one of the burned-out parents. I work full time, I’m a homeroom parent for both children and a troop leader, and my spouse travels 50 percent of the time. I’m exhausted, but I’ve prioritized my kids as much as I can.

By Meghan LeahyJune 1, 2022

Why you shouldn’t stress about your kid being a picky eater

Picky eating is a typical stage of development for children. Here are expert tips to make sure picky eaters stay healthy.

By Anna NordbergMay 31, 2022

Julie Beckett, champion of children with disabilities, dies at 72

A waiver that she obtained for her daughter helped allow more than half a million American children to grow up at home rather than in hospitals and institutions.

By Emily LangerMay 26, 2022

Parents trying to find baby formula are getting scammed

Caregivers trying to buy formula through various social groups say they are sometimes not getting the formula they pay for during this very desperate time.

By Amy JoyceMay 26, 2022

How to talk to your kids about school shootings

Sadly, we are re-upping tips from previous pieces we have published about the same topic. Because these shootings just keep happening.

By Amy JoyceMay 25, 2022