Unlike physical self-harm, digital self-harm doesn’t leave visible scars or land kids in the emergency room, which makes it easier for parents to miss.

  • Juli Fraga
  • ·

Experts suggest a combination of mindfulness, meaningful self-care and shifting our perspective.

  • Emily Edlynn
  • ·

Is this something caregivers should help her to “get over”?

What if our culture’s incessant demands to be happy are actually making our kids miserable?

“I saw this page filled with thoughts and words that echoed my own sentiments about my son. The fact that I celebrated him and loved him and how much he is just such a wonder," one mother says.

  • Rebekah Sager
  • ·

Is this teen a budding conspiracy theorist, or is he just contrary?

There are many ways families can include math in their daily routines to help counter pandemic-related math learning loss.

  • Susan Levine and Michelle Hurst
  • ·

For kids who can’t socialize in person, these creative ideas might help.

  • Kristen Chase
  • ·

The Bay Area gynecologist and author of “The Vagina Bible” has been waging a high-profile war against vaginal misinformation. Now she's set her sights on a teen product called OMV!

  • Abigail Higgins
  • ·

We are all watching more TV than ever before with our teens and tweens. But how do you respond when adult subjects pop onto the screen?

  • Bonnie Miller Rubin
  • ·

Two young kids, nowhere to go. What’s a parent to do?

Watching when younger, we identify with the kids and spend the first half in fear of the father. Now watching with my own daughter, I focus more on Captain von Trapp's love for his children and his frustration of not knowing how to properly show it.

  • Bill McQuillen
  • ·

Witnessing our kids’ experiences can be jarring for a parent, and that can make it more difficult to be patient and supportive with our children.

  • Devorah Heitner
  • ·

My parents were told the only way to save me was to send me away to behavior modification programs. Here's what would have worked instead.

  • Kenneth R. Rosen
  • ·

I marveled at my 4-year-old's recollection of an event half her lifetime ago, and wondered what that meant about the life-altering tragedy lost from my own memory.

Start small, celebrate little wins and figure out what else is going on.

Dysfunctional story lines abound in which women are pathetic creatures unless minding children directly — as if the title of mother siphons a woman’s sense of self and purpose. That’s a disservice to all moms.

  • Michele Weldon
  • ·

Having felt what is possible when my brain is allowed to operate in a state of sustained, quiet focus, I feel a renewed urgency for self-preservation. Here are five recommendations.

  • Christine Koh
  • ·

Although many kids now have more time on their hands, their newly unstructured days can actually make productivity harder. Here's what experts say parents can do about it.

  • Cheryl Maguire
  • ·

Parent asks: I want more time with my older son. Am I being selfish?

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