A study of twins shows that problem behavior can be traced to harsh parenting, not genetics.

Couldn’t he taste the love that I’d baked into those cinnamon rolls? Couldn’t he taste the comfort I was offering through what I’d made? Apparently, he could not.

  • Brenda Janowitz
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I'm a crier. Happy tears, sad tears, ugly tears, tears of frustration, tears borne out of anger. The whole gamut of tears. After 14 years of marriage, my husband, ever the dry eye, is used to it by now. But I have wondered how it affects our son.

  • Cathy Alter
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Parents, like teachers, can give children four steps to use so they can speak up when they see an injustice.

  • Linda K. Wertheimer
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Kids’ questions about strangers are an important step toward maturity. We want them to purposely see others and not ignore their differences. We want them to avoid jumping to conclusions about people based on an action or series of actions.

With light at the end of the covid tunnel, some parents don’t want to go back to their families’ rushed and over-scheduled lives.

  • Christine Koh
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Our boys got their own personal episode of "Hot Ones." We got a chance to ask them some meaningful questions about their inner lives.

  • Jessica Lahey
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“Spring fever” feels different this year, a year since the world changed — shrank — for us all.

  • Maggie Smith
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No matter how experienced and renowned a therapist may be, a child must feel that she can trust her therapist and that the person is there for her.

What you can do to combat the epidemic of anxiety, depression and suicide in teens.

  • Kate Rope
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It’s normal for every decision to feel harder when we are already overwhelmed, a psychologist says. Here are some tips from experts to ease the burden.

  • Alexandra Frost
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Unvaccinated teens and children should not gather in-person without any pandemic safety measures in place, experts say. But it is possible to have fun play dates, birthdays and even send your kids to summer camp this year.

Even the most naturally organized students may need additional support in unfamiliar circumstances such as these. Parents can help.

  • Ana Homayoun
  • ·

Friendships fail, and kids get hurt. It is not our parental job to prevent them from experiencing all emotional pain.

Children are already online, and tech companies like Facebook are trying to build more spaces specifically for them.

As relieved as parents may be to send kids off to school after a year of remote learning, we need to realize this transition back will be accompanied by nerves, anxiety and many questions.

Elementary students are taught math in ways that can make parents’ heads spin, but there are good reasons for the new methods.

  • Caralee Adams
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Pushing his son in a wheelchair in more than 1,000 races, he became a celebrity of the Boston Marathon and helped drive a profound shift in the treatment of people with disabilities.

It's imperative that we push back against the perpetuation of Asian stereotypes and help our children take a stand against violence.

  • Kristen Chase
  • ·

You can enroll in a music class that develops understanding of gender and personhood. A drag queen story time will soon be a television show. And a growing number of children’s books are discussing intersectionality and broadening representation.

  • Natalie Jesionka
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