Now, that the Food and Drug Administration has cleared the first coronavirus vaccine for emergency use in children as young as 12, families are sure to have questions about the Pfizer-BioNTech shot and when it will become available.

In the years since Jack’s death, when I would see a random cicada, it was with a mixture of pain and sweetness. Now his brother is loving them, too.

  • Anna Whiston-Donaldson
  • ·

They want all of my attention, all of the time and are disappointed when they don’t get it. No matter how much of ourselves we give to our kids, it’s never enough.

  • Michelle Hainer
  • ·

A letter to my daughter this Mother's Day, as I think about what you'll remember from the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Alexandra Moe
  • ·

An emerging field of research seeks to document the way that children shape their mothers' bodies and behavior. "Maternal programming," it appears, starts in pregnancy and lasts a lifetime.

  • Abigail Tucker
  • ·

The pandemic taught school officials that distance learning could work. But for some parents, snow days are sacred.

We asked parent advocates how to make moms feel special this Mother’s Day, after what we can all agree was a year from hell.

  • Alexandra Frost
  • ·

My daughter’s fighting with her brother is relentless, and nothing seems to work.

As a parent, I understand the appeal of anti-vaxxers' message. But as a pediatrician, I know they're wrong.

  • Rebekah Diamond
  • ·

Help them identify a passion, be a role model and more ways to encourage kids to embrace creativity.

  • Estelle Erasmus, Juli Fraga
  • ·

My children have been observing what my husband and I do during the day – which has exposed some misconceptions.

  • Tracy Brown Hamilton
  • ·

I used to think I remembered what it was like to be my son’s age but in many ways, I can’t, because he’s entering adulthood with a radically different awareness.

  • Ann Tashi Slater
  • ·

For vaccinated grandparents, the heartache of separation is finally ending.

Although adding a baby is always a big transition, adding a baby when there are much older siblings brings particular challenges, experts say.

  • Julia Pelly
  • ·

It’s time to stop the chronic and constant changing of routines, the manipulation, the rewards, the consequences — all of it.

We asked parents to tell us, as we start to see light at the end of this pandemic tunnel: What is one change you’d like to carry with you into post-pandemic life? These are their answers.

"Parent Like it Matters: How to Raise Joyful, Change-Making Girls," a new book by Janice Johnson Dias, gives a blueprint for raising girls, especially those with intersectional identities.

  • Jordan Lloyd Bookey
  • ·

The pandemic has triggered eating disorders among isolated youth.

  • Anisha Abraham
  • ·

Less-stringent academic expectations can help parents breathe a little easier — and they're better for kids' mental health, too, experts say.

  • Kelly Glass
  • ·
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