Can we really still do what we’d planned? With an erratic economy and the barely existent child-care system crumbling?

  • Haley Swenson
  • ·

A parent’s goal shouldn’t be getting a 15-year-old to pass his classes. It should be to understand him, so he can understand and help himself.

The pandemic has taken so much from our lives. But it's also given us the gift of time.

  • Kristen Chase
  • ·

Persistent stacks of papers around the house, to-do lists created but never used, uncontrollable emotions and feelings of inadequacy because they can't seem to “get it together”: This is how parents describe living with ADHD.

  • Ralinda Harvey-Smith
  • ·

How do parents explain this mess when we ourselves are also having a hard time processing this reality? We turned to experts for their advice.

I’ve been in this place of uncertainty and fear before. I don’t love digging up those memories, but the lessons I learned have come in handy.

  • Aileen Weintraub
  • ·

It’s more important than ever that parents initiate conversations with their teens about sexual behavior and its implications.

  • Elizabeth Heubeck
  • ·

Parents want positive, engaged ways to encourage independence. Here's how.

  • Sharon Holbrook
  • ·

When Henson started looking for therapists for herself and her son, she couldn’t find what she was looking for. She wants to change that.

  • Kelly Glass
  • ·

The Norwegian concept of "kos" means stepping into the fear of the unknown, together, and finding comfort in that.

  • Elisabeth Fairfield Stokes
  • ·

Push for more family time? Or is this independence good?

Covid-19 featured heavily. But it wasn't the only popular topic.

It can take several years to recognize a seasonal pattern in depression symptoms, but there are some specific symptoms you can look for.

  • Julia Pelly
  • ·

The first wave of pandemic babies is starting to arrive, and their parents have experienced pregnancy in a way that few others in modern history have.

It flies in the face of all reason to “battle” to get a 7-year-old to do teletherapy.

I’ve never seen my children from sun up, to sun down every day for months, like I do now. I’ve never so intimately understood their fears, their frustrations, and their needs.

  • Clint Edwards
  • ·

My daughter has bilateral schizencephaly and cerebral palsy, but neither diagnosis affects her personality, and thanks to the wonders of technology, we’re all able to see it. On full display. Whether we like it or not.

  • Adiba Nelson
  • ·

Virtual Santas are here to replicate the mall Santa experience, without the covid risk.

  • Connie Chang
  • ·

“Santa is real,” I said, reaching for some explanation of why the whole Santa/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny charade isn’t actually a lie.

  • Vanessa McGrady
  • ·

She spends more time crying about the work than doing it. What’s a parent to do?

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