I'm on the lookout for my own behaviors that will become a source of their bemused assessment of me. Not so I can avoid the behaviors — so I can accentuate them. Because I want them to remember.

  • Sean Smith
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Society needs to rethink the model of what it means to identify as Dad.

Rob Kenney’s viral videos are a product of him finally finding the time to share his story — and the world desperately needing to hear it.

  • Josh Paunil
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Kadijah Booth Watkins, psychiatrist and associate director for the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital, shared how parents can talk to kids about Juneteenth, and continue the conversations around racism.

We are worried about our unvaccinated, unmasked baby being in a communal environment.

We told the church about what happened and my wife got a few calls of sympathy. As a man, though, no one really checked in on me.

  • As told to Chandra Thomas Whitfield from Corregan Brown
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“We don’t want children to say offensive things online,” said Stacey Steinberg, legal skills professor at the University of Florida. “But we also need to figure out what to do once that happens.”

  • Lisa Selin Davis
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This collective societal wake-up call has been strangely comforting — hundreds of millions of people suddenly understand with searing clarity the odd psychological challenge of being at home alone all day.

  • Stephanie H. Murray
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It's okay to use a bribe to get out of a sticky situation with your kids. Just try not to make it a habit.

  • Danna Lorch
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Listening is key when dealing with a sensitive child in a class of big personalities.

I suspect that your kids, just like mine, are capable of doing so much more — so much earlier — than we give them credit for.

  • Christina Hillsberg
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We asked experts what parents of newborns — and all those friends and relatives who can’t wait to visit — need to know.

  • Alexandra Frost
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The disciplinary technique known as the ‘timeout,’ which Dr. Staats pioneered in the late 1950s, gave parents an alternative to spanking and helped usher in a new era of child rearing.

By asking just a little bit of our group, we were able to break the cycle of withdrawal, if only momentarily, each week.

  • Sara Lippmann and Holly Ojalvo
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  • Abigail Tucker
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They’ve gone through a profound shift in identity — without a village present to witness it.

What more can I do to be an advocate?

Experts say it’s safe for the vaccinated to enjoy life again. Parents of vulnerable kids aren’t so sure.

Here’s how parents and caregivers can help ease children back into life in a healthy way.

  • Phyllis Fagell
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Because there was, during this terrible time, a new kind of beauty, a limitless beauty, born from the quiet.

  • Holly McGhee
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