Teens’ words and insights can help others push through challenges and help parents and caregivers understand the challenges they face.

  • Shafia Zaloom
  • ·

He wants our son to “obey,” but can we expect that from a 5-year-old?

Child exploitation experts are worried about children’s newly robust online lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Danielle Braff
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Whether it's imagining a vaccine clinic or wearing masks in a pretend factory, the make-believe can help children process big feelings.

  • Julia Pelly
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My husband and I made our concerns known, and prayed for the best. But the best never arrived.

  • Tracey Lewis-Giggetts
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As a child heads toward more and more maturity and independence, punishments and threats will only continue to lose their effect.

Quebec’s daycares are primarily funded with government subsidies, and throughout the shutdowns the government continued to pay its non-profit centers to stay open. That allows for a quicker economic recovery.

  • Kendra Hurley
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Organizations say traditional volunteering has dropped off considerably, but there are still opportunities out there. And it’s worth it for families to find them.

  • Connie Chang
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One powerful determinant of a student’s success is the relationship between teacher and parent or guardian — and as that relationship has gone virtual amid the coronavirus pandemic, it has often been tested.

Two little ones, raised in similar ways, and one is more emotional than the other. What’s going on?

The robots follow action and sound so students at home can see more than just a static shot of the classroom.

  • Jennifer Davis
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A study showed that as Americans' drinking increased overall during the covid-19 crisis, parents with children at home had larger-than-average increases.

  • Sarah Hosseini
  • ·

White parents, who are often unaware of the privilege afforded them because of skin color, have a big challenge: they are preparing their children for something they’ve never experienced and never will.

  • Debby Waldman
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This year, screen time is also school time. That raises a ton of new questions that I never imagined I’d have to consider.

  • Jordan Shapiro
  • ·

Eleven-year-olds are intense. Parents should focus on building a solid foundation for the relationship.

Our kids cannot vote, but the decisions made by their government absolutely affect them. They are counting on us to speak for them.

  • Maggie Smith
  • ·

Mothers are more aware than ever that raising compassionate kids is important in the current climate.

  • Jillian Kramer
  • ·

My wife and I haven’t had the heart to tell 4-year-old Autumn that the novel coronavirus isn’t going away anytime soon. But the guilt of wondering whether that’s the right approach has become heavy.

  • Scott Neumyer
  • ·

Juggling careers and kids was already a struggle for millions of American women. Then the pandemic hit.

Caregivers and educators can frame and use this moment to help kids develop core values, think critically, maintain an even keel and act with agency.

  • Phyllis Fagell
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