Sometimes mistaken for ADHD, the motor-skill deficit can lead to struggles in sports and schoolwork, as well as social isolation and depression.

  • Amy Paturel
  • ·

She won’t brush her teeth, and she ignores most reminders of self-care.

An uptick in lying by tweens and teens is normal as they try to avoid stress or disappointing others.

  • Connie Chang
  • ·

Instead of heaping praise to boost self-esteem, help your child develop the skills to complete challenges on their own, and let competence breed confidence.

  • Heidi Lynn Borst
  • ·

Parents have concerns about the infections delta variant that is sweeping the nation. We turned to experts for answers.

Anxiety, in connection with vomiting or emetophobia, has affected my parenting and our lives. I'm not alone.

  • Nikki Campo
  • ·

He struggles with disruptive behavior and has no friends. Is it time to move him?

I am hopeful that they’ll enjoy many of the things we took for granted before, but I also wonder what are we taking for granted now.

  • Maggie Smith
  • ·

Researchers seek to identify the biology behind trauma passed down to children, in hope of finding treatments for developmental disorders and other childhood struggles.

  • Kelly Hoover Greenway
  • ·

In the nature vs. nurture debate, stepparents only have nurture. For this stepmom, that isn’t a limitation.

  • Meryl Williams Clark
  • ·

She asks: How can I tell whether they’re suffering emotional abuse from his yelling?

I wasn’t alone in finding the payoff in easing up and giving my kid the space to express herself. Here's how others did it.

  • Christine Koh
  • ·

My daughter’s rare reverse-slope hearing loss (RSHL) elicits awkward encounters with strangers. Understanding our experience can help open up the world for everyone.

  • Erin Schoen Marsh
  • ·

As the parent of a gifted Black child, I strive for a balance between affirming their Black identity and protecting them from the realities of racism.

  • A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez
  • ·

I have a real concern about him overheating. Does it still make sense to mask outdoors?

Here are tips from pediatricians for parents and caregivers to bear in mind as we send our kids off to mask-free camps, vacations with friends, jobs in the community, and eventually back to in-person school.

  • Anisha Abraham and Lee Beers
  • ·

For the shy or anxious parent, fear not: Teaching children such values as kindness and empathy can help them have happy social lives.

  • Sarah Shemkus
  • ·

He’s excited to go, but I’m worried he’ll be overwhelmed.

Experts have advice on how to connect with kids in a way that works for us.

  • Erica Silverstein
  • ·

As we guide our youngest children back to the outside world, they teach us resilience

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