Researchers studying heterosexual couples trying to conceive noted that men infected with the coronavirus showed signs of a short-term decline in fertility.

We asked experts with different backgrounds to weigh in questions gathered from two dozen parents.

We are working with a nutritionist, but he is anxious about being smaller than his friends.

With kids and teens readjusting to the world in the wake of pandemic isolation, sleeping well can be a protective factor.

  • Lisa L. Lewis
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  • Katie Hurley
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It’s no surprise a film set almost entirely in one house has become a massive pandemic hit.

  • Amil Niazi
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In between navigating their own losses, fears and questions about home insurance, the parents who fled the fire still had to be parents.

  • Amanda McCracken
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The first days of our visits, he bites and hits. It gets better, but we don’t know how to handle his behaviors.

Get their buy-in, move their technology and set your own expectations.

Parenthood was proving vastly different than I ever imagined it would be. As the single father of such a challenged and challenging kid, I found myself having to toss out the playbook I’d drawn up in my head.

  • Paul Rogers
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September once beckoned like a light on the horizon, with the promise of a full return to in-person school. But for countless families across the country, that hopeful glimmer proved to be more like a mirage, as school systems nationwide have grappled with myriad new challenges this fall.

Close-contact, physical play helps boys and girls learn to manage emotions, builds confidence and enhances problem-solving skills.

  • Jessica Wozinsky Fleming
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Volunteering as a family can instill family values. It also helps kids feel empowered at a time when they very much don't.

  • Leslie Gray Streeter
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Start with a family meeting to set up a cleaning and organization system that works for the whole family.

  • Perspective

"Paternity leave lays the groundwork for your future relationship with your child. The more you’re involved in the beginning, the more it becomes the norm."

  • Anna Nordberg
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Leahy suggests when to help children persevere, when to let them quit and when to seek an answer somewhere in the middle.

Under Build Back Better, all providers are required to be licensed, including the family, friends and neighbors providers who have traditionally not needed a license to perform care.

  • Rebecca Gale
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It’s been nearly three years since our oldest received the scooter and more and more she suspects something is up with the Santa story as she knows it. When the time comes for this talk, I’ll be ready.

  • Georgene Smith Goodin
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  • Perspective

This test-prep tutor has heard parents say a lot of things to try to motivate their child to do well on standardized tests. It often backfires. Here's what parents can do instead to help kids feel supported and confident rather than criticized, pessimistic, or scared.

  • Ned Johnson
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Is she a hoarder? Is there something wrong? Help.

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