Meghan Leahy: He hits, spits, then laughs about it

Meghan Leahy, a parenting coach, author, mother of three, takes your questions about the all encompassing job we call parenting.

By Meghan Leahy and Amy JoyceMay 31, 2023

A son’s friend is frosty toward the parents. Do they ignore this?

A middle school son's friend has become quiet and unfriendly to the adults. What should they do?

By Meghan LeahyMay 31, 2023

Limiting teens’ social media feels impossible. But we have to try.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy issued an advisory that says what most parents have long known: Social media is hurting our kids. What do we do about it?

By Amy JoyceMay 25, 2023

How can we stop the sibling bickering?

My 10-year-old son can get into a know-it-all mode with my 7-year-old daughters, then the fights start. How do I stop it?

By Meghan LeahyMay 24, 2023

Pop culture baby names will never die

Phoebe, Katniss, Shirley. Parents have named babies after pop-culture references and stories. Maybe even more now that we have access to so much media.

By Sophia SolanoMay 23, 2023

A guide to age-appropriate chores kids can do around the house

Parents are probably underestimating what their children are capable of.

By Dan HurleyMay 22, 2023

The U.S. deported him. A Korean court says his adoption agency owes him.

Holt must compensate Adam Crapser, who was deported to a country whose language he did not speak, after his adoptive parents did not obtain citizenship for him.

By Bryan Pietsch and Jintak HanMay 21, 2023

The graduation speech we should be giving to parents

I saw my life’s timeline stretching out before me, full of possibility. I stopped feeling like, “It’s all over,” and starting wondering, “What’s next?”

By Mary Laura PhilpottMay 18, 2023

Parenting chat: I’m nervous about becoming a stay-at-home parent

Meghan Leahy, a parenting coach, author, mother of three, takes your questions about the all encompassing job we call parenting.

By Meghan Leahy and Amy JoyceMay 17, 2023

Teen struggles to connect with dad; he feels she’s being too sensitive

She feels like her dad doesn’t like her. When I tell him that she’s feeling this way, he says she’s being ridiculous and too sensitive. What can I do to help?

By Meghan LeahyMay 17, 2023

How to babyproof your relationship

When preparing for your first child, experts recommend a pre-baby tune-up for your relationship. Taking a few key steps now can avoid major conflict later.

By Katherine Reynolds LewisMay 15, 2023

When babies go rogue: Birth dispatches from McDonald’s and more

Readers share their stories of giving birth in unexpected locations.

By Jenny Rogers and Sophia SolanoMay 13, 2023

4 ways to reconnect with parenting joy, build a child’s emotional skills

Pay attention to the positive, lean into your strengths as a parent, clarify your expectations and connect with your child’s school.

By Andy GarbaczMay 12, 2023

‘Medical moms’ share their kids’ illnesses with millions. At what cost?

The #medicalmoms community has raised awareness — and drawn controversy — for sharing intimate details of kids' medical histories.

By Fortesa LatifiMay 11, 2023

A teen stepson lies. How should a stepparent ‘curb this behavior?’

I think my stepson's lying is a big deal but my husband doesn't. What do we do about this 13-year-old?

By Meghan LeahyMay 10, 2023

The case against ‘BoyMom’

Parents need community. But we can do better than calling ourselves 'BoyMom.'

By Rachel Vorona CoteMay 4, 2023

How do I connect with my teen son while respecting his independence?

Connecting with our teens is important, and can actually encourage their independence. Here's how to do it.

By Meghan LeahyMay 3, 2023

Parents are not ready for the new reality of teen cannabis use

Gen X and Millennial parents are navigating a landscape very different from the one they grew up with — new products, more use, higher potency.

By Caitlin GibsonMay 3, 2023

Teen daughter has goals, but won’t take action

A parent wants to know what their role is when their daughter doesn't want interference, but also won't do anything herself.

By Meghan LeahyApril 26, 2023

Melatonin gummies may have a higher dose than what’s on the label

Researchers concluded 22 of 25 gummy supplements were “inaccurately labeled” and often contained more melatonin than advertised.

By Teddy AmenabarApril 25, 2023