I did not want them to tolerate verbal abuse of anyone in their presence. I had that experience myself and did not want the same thing to happen to them.

Teens are gardening and hiking and bicycling with family members, and they’re building backyard ponds, skateboard ramps and climbing walls.

  • Melissa Hart
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Black and white parents typically teach children about race and racism in different ways, at different times. Here's what to do and how to do it.

  • Tonya Russell
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That he is angry we know, but why is the million-dollar question.

While officials have provided general guidelines for businesses and social gatherings, there is little (or no?) information on how families should transition out of shelter-in-place.

  • Kristen Chase
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It is hard to put into words the pressure we black parents face, to look into the faces of our precious children and impart to them that some people honestly believe that they are less-than because of something minute as skin pigmentation and culture.

  • Chandra Thomas Whitfield
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The worksheets and grades can wait. Instead of assessing learning right now, we need to be looking after our kids' physical and mental well-being.

  • Lyz Lenz
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What the new normal will look like for athletes depends on evolving knowledge about the virus that causes covid-19.

  • Gail Cornwall
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Challenges are considerable, but experts see a silver lining. Now kids can learn what Mom and Dad do for a living, see how hard they work at doing it, and hopefully gain a whole new appreciation for them.

  • Lauren Parker
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A court in the Netherlands recently ruled that a grandmother had to take down pictures she posted on Facebook of her grandchildren. Here's how to prevent a similarly awkward situation.

  • Stacey Steinberg
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She was stressed and anxious. Here’s what to consider if your child seems the same.

Experts talk about helping kids set routines, get plenty of exercise and shift their mind-set. But what happens when those things aren’t working?

  • Amy Brill
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Just as families of color have always had to socialize their children on matters of race, white parents need to socialize their children about race, too. Especially now.

  • Chandra White-Cummings
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The past is distant, the future unknowable. This is what parenthood feels like in our present moment.

I will confess, I am a hugger. My grown children are home during the lockdown and I hug them as much as they will let me. I miss hugging as a routine part of my life.

In a pandemic, and always, connection is the vehicle for cooperation. Part of this connection, though, is loving boundaries for both siblings.

Experts say that younger kids may remember more than we think and that there are things we can do to help them build those memories.

  • Cheryl Lock
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The coronavirus has changed our lives. Here are some issues parents are facing.

Kids are using sheets, pillows, blankets and more to create safe havens as the covid-19 world feels out of their control.

  • Susan C. Margolin
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While I wasn't looking forward to working from home as a CEO, I've learned important lessons.

  • Will Johnson
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