Washington ranks among the best places to trick-or-treat. Where are you taking your little goblins and witches this year? (Marvin Joseph/WASHINGTON POST)

This just in: Washington is a good place to go trick-or-treating. At least according to a survey done by Zillow, the real estate company (so, I guess, if you’re looking to move somewhere, buy a house in D.C. so your kids can get good candy).

Of 20 cities, Washington D.C. ranks eighth, moving up two positions from last year’s 10th place spot. And within D.C., the best neighborhoods are (in order) American University Park, Chevy Chase, Georgetown, Woodley Park and Friendship Heights.

The rankings are based on variables like home value, walkability, local crime data and population density.

San Francisco ranks first; Baltimore made the list at number 19.

In my neighborhood, several families eat dinner at one house, then go out with the kids in a big group, telling them to “just take one.” Our little goblins collapse in a sugary heap at the end of the night, and we find still-wrapped treats that tumbled onto the sidewalk from overstuffed bags for days afterward.

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