A scene from the film “The Stream.” The first person to e-mail us gets four free tickets to see it. (Dreaming Tree Films & Foundation)

Reading the descriptions of Estlin Feigley’s new movie “The Stream,” which opens Friday, brings back fond memories of my own warm and fuzzy coming-of-age film favorites. (“The Goonies,” anyone?)

The movie follows five young friends on a journey to the mall to replace a Wiffle ball bat that was destroyed by a bully. Sean O’Connell, in a review for the Post’s Weekend section, describes the film as a “family-friendly version of Rob Reiner’s ‘Stand By Me.’” Yes, please.

An added bonus: Eighty percent of the proceeds from the film will benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America. It’s hard to go wrong with a feel-good movie for a feel-good cause.

On Parenting is giving away four free tickets to see “The Stream” next week. Showtimes are flexible, but the tickets must be used the week of Oct. 18. The movie is playing locally at Regal Magestic Stadium 20 and A Snowden Square Stadium 14. E-mail mari-jane.williams@washpost.com. The first response gets the tickets.