Oh, it’s almost 2014, you say? Here’s a list of five things this parent plans to kick up a notch in the new year. (MIKE SEGAR/REUTERS)

Whew. Well, that’s pretty much over. And now it’s time to rest, think about the year that was and the year that will be. Which, for me, means reso-freshing. In other words, I don’t need a brand new way of living. I don’t need to start from scratch. I’ll give new life to the good things — refreshing what I’ve started to already do.

It seems like this time of year is a good time to be okay with what we’ve done, happy with what was and looking forward to refreshing all that goodness.

And so here goes: my reso-freshing plan for 2014.

Time out. After work each day, this phone of mine will be on timeout. She will have a perch high on the mantel. My phone needs a specific schedule of her own until I’ve broken the numbing habit. I will check e-mail for work-related reasons only, and only every half hour. I will not answer e-mails that can wait. Go in, get out. E-mail with friends later, when two little people aren’t clinging to my leg. Also, no need to check Twitter or Facebook when I have a real life to live between the hours of get home, get homework done, get dinner made, play a game and get two boys to bed. Because those hours aren’t many. After that, have at it.

Organize. Ew, I know. That word is so overused, especially as the year comes to a grinding halt and a new one is laid out like a big, empty desk planner. But one Sunday afternoon worth of cooking, freezing or at least planning three to four meals will make the upcoming week fall in to place. Almost.

Play. I sort of play — in between washing dishes, cleaning up, sorting mail, chatting with neighbors. When the boys ask me to play Sequence or monkey in the middle, I will focus. What’s 15 minutes out of the evening? The dishes can wait. (Same goes for those e-mail conversations.)

Eat together. I’m not saying every night. That’s impossible in our house. But on weekends, we will have dinner together at the big table. With real plates.

Do it list. There are so many things we think of in passing that we “should” do. This year, there will be a list. We will write these ideas down. The boys will contribute. We will do these things. Items do not have to be big. Even a Friday night movie with the neighbors is a good one. All together now: Yes we can!