Actors in the play "Forward, 54" tell the story of one the first groups of African Americans, the 54th Regiment, to fight in the Civil War. (Nathalie Ryan)

This one will occupy parents as well as young minds. The National Gallery of Art is hosting “Forward, 54th!” which features a live musician and local actors who will tell the story of the 54th Regiment. Part of the “Tell It With Pride: The 54th Massachusetts Regiment and Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Shaw Memorial” exhibit, which looks at black Union soldiers, the play is told through the eyes of the regiment’s youngest soldier, a 16-year-old drummer boy. Best for age 8 and older.

If you’re looking for a reason to get to National Harbor, this is it. Ice! is an annual event where tons of ice are carved into a scene which you and your family can walk through (in provided parkas) and in some cases, slide down. This year, two million pounds of ice will be carved into scenes from “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” There is more beyond the display, with indoor “snow flurries” and a nightly prog-rock holiday light show.

How about a little opera for your little one? Monkey See Monkey Do is a one-act bilingual opera based on the book “Caps for Sale” (or the “Hat Seller and the Monkeys”). The show combines mariachi music, Spanish words and opera to tell the story of a hat salesman who has to outsmart monkeys in order to get his hats back.

What does your true love want for Christmas? How about a madcap take on the Twelve Days of Christmas at Adventure Theatre MTC? In this version, Shirley the Partridge has to deal with arguing French Hens, geese flying to the Florida for the winter and stolen rings.

Do your kids love the Magic Tree House books? The brother and sister heroes of Mary Pope Osborne’s series go on an adventure in space in the Magic Tree House Space Mission, screened at David M. Brown Planetarium. Best for ages 5 to 12.

Who doesn’t remember the first time they heard E.T. say he wanted to phone home? Watch your children light up just as the candy loving alien’s finger did when you take them to see E.T. the Extra Terrestrial Saturday at at noon at the National Archives, as part of the Steven Spielberg Film Festival.