Snow Day! Oh, snow day. (Jeremy Long/AP)

The texts were flying among the working parents in my neighborhood last night. We’re in D.C., usually the last hold out on cancelling school. But the closings were getting closer and closer: Fairfax. Montgomery County. Alexandria.

“ACPS is closed,” I warned at one point, after hoping just the outer, more rural counties would be forced to close.

Then around 10 last night, a friend texted us all. “DCPS is closed. Ugh!”

Commence the snow day shuffle.

My husband and I went through several variations. Take them downtown in the morning. One of us head off to a museum and help them burn off some energy, return them to the office, trade. Drop them with the sitter. One come home early, one go in late.

And, of course, the check list starts: How many meetings do you have? Do you have anything due tomorrow? Is that doable from home? Is the sitter free?

Remember how snow days used to fill us with excitement? They still do in some ways. But I’ve been out of work since last Thursday thanks to surgery. Yesterday’s snow day was a fun ad­ven­ture. Day #2 loomed like a dark cloud.

So herein, I devise the “Who gets to escape snow day chaos?” quiz.

1. Who has more meetings?

2. Who wants to get out of more meetings?

3. Who has a project due?

4. Whose project is due but can wait?

5. Whose project is due but there’s no way it’s going to be ready, and hey, this is a perfect excuse?

6. Who has better ideas for fun things to do with the kids today?

7. Who has better ideas that don’t involve TV or standing outside in 5 degree weather?

8. Who has the better chance of getting some work done at home?

9. (After answering #8, see #7.)

10. Who still gets a childish/semi-magical thrill out of an unexpected day to stay in pajamas, break up some fights, build some forts, do some laundry, peel off little people’s snow pants, drink some hot chocolate, pull snow pants back on, repeat?

Happy snow day, folks! When will we start hearing about tomorrow?