This morning, I guiltily glanced at my daughter’s unfinished kindergarten homework packet for May, figuring that I would try to sneak it in on Monday, and that’s still pretty close to the end of May, right? Turns out it was due May 24.

I made this discovery somewhere between sorting money for end-of-the-year teacher and coach gifts into the correct envelopes, responding to an e-mail about a day camp for my daughter, and writing a good luck note for my son’s last SOL today. The whole time, my husband was talking to me about scheduling and homework and house stuff, but sadly, I remember little of what we decided.

Can we say epic mom fail? But I know I’m not alone. We’re all slouching toward the end of the school year, dragging ourselves to the finish line. I read this blog post from Jen Hatmaker, a writer and speaker and mother of five in Texas, and laughed almost until I cried. And relaxed. We’ve all been there, and we’ll be there again, this time next year. At least I’m in good company.