Here are some readers’ tales about dinner, from e-mails and comments on the On Parenting blog.

“We had a lot of frustration with picky eating, but as my oldest matures, she is trying new things. We just keep putting them on her plate. And, yes, when she was 4, just getting her to accept a new food on her plate was a big accomplishment.”

Kate Lauderdale, Annandale

“When the kids were toddlers I started putting a list of menus on the refrigerator every week. Sundays I would often make something big enough for two meals, like chili or pot roast, and then I would list Monday, chicken, rice, green beans; Tuesday, spaghetti; Wednesday, leftovers, and so on.”

Evelyn DePalma, Woodbridge

“[The kids] get a say in what we prepare, and sometimes they prepare it. . . . Everyone serves themselves. Take what you want; eat what you take.”

— dotweasl (comments)

Don’t make a fuss, don’t beg and plead, don’t go on about ‘trying just one little bite.’ [The child] should, however, understand that he will not get anything between meals and even if he doesn’t eat, he still sits at the table until the other diners finish.”

nicolinesmits1 (comments)

Dinner is actual food, put together quickly. It’s simple; I used a lot of frozen chicken tenderloins, rice, veggies. I didn’t use a rice cooker but it’s a good idea. Sometimes the veggies were a bag of carrots, sliced open and put directly on the table. . . . The parents have to set the expectation that it’s family time and it’s to be respected.”

LAGIRL1 (comments)